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Looking Forward to Gen Con Indy

The halls of Wizards of the Coast are abuzz with the sounds of preparation for Gen Con Indy 2004 in Indianapolis, Indiana. This year promises to be one of the most exciting shows ever, with Wizards pulling out all the stops to celebrate Dungeons & Dragons' 30th anniversary. Thursday night the show kicks off with the Epic Level Party -- and everyone's invited!

The Wizards' booth will be hopping, too. The classic "Dungeon Delve" adventure (run by Research & Development [R&D] staff and volunteers for more than eight years now) is getting a facelift and expanding. In addition to the notorious "blue box" station from last year (if you were there, you remember it), we're building two new stations. The first is a classic throwback adventure celebrating the 30th anniversary, and the second heralds a new age -- the age of Eberron!

Built as a model replica of the city of Sharn, this demo station has deep sewers, busy streets, high towers, and even an airship! The diorama grows every day and shows off a new aspect of one of Eberron's greatest cities.

Come play a warforged, a shifter, or even a classic D&D character at the Wizards of the Coast booth at Gen Con Indy. We dare you!

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