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Worldwide D&D Game Day FAQ

Q. I want to run a Worldwide D&D Game Day event at my store. Where do I sign up?
Tell us you'd like to be part of this epic day of fun by emailing us at dndgameday@wizards.com and with "Application to host D&D Game Day" included in the subject line. Only retail stores are eligible to apply, and the email must include store name, address, fax and telephone number.

We are contacting select stores directly in the coming weeks, but don't wait for us to contact you if you are interested in participating. Email us now and make sure you're in the vanguard of stores hosting this exciting day.

Q. It looks like you have to join the RPGA to be able to get any prizes, is that true?
Simply put, no. To receive the treasure trove goodies we are giving away for Worldwide D&D Game Day, you just need to show up and have a good time. However, if you are an RPGA member and you signed up for D&D Player Rewards prior to November 5th, you earn reward points for participating in this event.

Q. How does this affect people living outside the USA? Will we have the same things running?
This is a worldwide celebration, and stores around the globe are hosting events -- particularly in the US, Europe, and Australia. If you'd like to play at a store in your part of the world, encourage them to email us at dndgameday@wizards.com or to contact their Wizards of the Coast direct sales representative right away.

Q. How do I find out if there is a store by my house that is participating?
A full list of participating venues will be posted on dndgameday.com in mid-October so you can locate the adventuring hot spot nearest you. If you want to make sure your favorite store is in on the action, call them or stop in and encourage them to participate.

Q. I would be very interested in volunteering to run one or more of these games. How do I get involved? Who do I need to contact?
Once we publish the list of participating stores in mid-October, contact the event organizer for the location where you want to lend a hand.

Q. It says I can write my own adventure and run it. How can I do that?
This year, for the very first time, we have set guidelines for all you great adventure writers to get involved and help make the day even more memorable for players. Just simply read and then follow the writing guidelines posted on dndgameday.com (coming soon) and write your very own adventure based off them. Then turn up and run that.

Q. I simply don’t have the time to write my own adventure but I’d love to run one. Guess this excludes me then?
Not at all. If you don’t want to write your own adventure but would like to run a game for players then that’s fine too! We’ve included an adventure with the Game Day kit that is shipped to your retailer that you can ask them for and run on the day. Please remember these adventures don’t arrive until close to the day and your retailer has limited supplies so contacting them early is advisable.

Q. Why advertise this if it's going to be an RPGA-only event? That's what the article is implying. If it's to be more than just an RPGA-only event, then there needs to be some clarification. Because it'd be a shame to get all hyped up and find out you're out of the loop because you don't belong to the RPGA.
The event is open to everyone to come and celebrate Dungeons & Dragons. This event isn't restricted to just RPGA members. Everyone should join in and play. That said, to receive the D&D Player Reward points for playing, you have to be an RPGA member who enrolled in the D&D Player Rewards program.

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