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Spot the Differences Contest

The Artwork

So you think you know your art? Here’s your chance to prove your expertise – and win one of the acclaimed D&D art prints in return!

Hinted at in the 12/13 news item, we’ve taken one of the D&D Limited Edition Art Prints – namely, Wayne Reynolds’ Battle Over Sharn – and made a few… subtle changes. 13 changes, to be precise. If you can make your Spot check and find them all, you’ll be entered for a chance to win your own canvas copy of Battle Over Sharn!

Just click on the image below for a closer look:

(We'll even start you off with a hint: the dragon/explosion counts as one change.)

How to Enter

Simply email the 13 differences, starting December 25, 2005 and before midnight PDT January 13, 2006, to dndcontest@wizards.com, with “Spot the Differences” in the subject line. One winner will be chosen from among all correct winning entries to receive a low-numbered, canvas copy of Battle Over Sharn.

Good luck! May your eyes be keen against the illusions of Sharn – and of this website!

Also, read official rules for the contest here.

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