Shadows of the Last War
Eberron’s First Adventure

Shadows of the Last War, designed by Eberron creator Keith Baker, is out this month. If you've played or read through The Forgotten Forge, the adventure in the back of the Eberron Campaign Setting book, then you're familiar with where this adventure starts. Shadows of the Last War uses some of the characters and locations from that adventure, such as Lady Elaydren d'Cannith and the Broken Anvil inn, to launch a brand new adventure in Khorvaire (though the adventure easily stands on its own without The Forgotten Forge, too).

After starting in Sharn, the Shadows of the Last War takes PCs across Khorvaire through many lands in search for something that is as important as it is hidden and well guarded. Along the way, the PCs will meet new and interesting people -- who are out to stop their quest.

Included with Shadows of the Last War is a short story, a free 16-page booklet written by Keith Baker, Death at Whitehearth. Read it before you run or play to gain a special appreciation for some of the characters and locations in the adventure.

If you're an RPGA member (join now if you're not -- it's free!) you can use Shadows of the Last War for the RPGA Player Rewards Program. Instructions are given on the first page of the adventure for how to redeem your points.

After you've enjoyed this adventure, continue with Whispers of the Vampire's Blade the second published adventure for the Eberron campaign setting, which goes on sale in September 2004.

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