Mark of Heroes04/14/2005

Campaign Cards: Spring 2005
Set 2

The RPGA magewrights have fired up the forge to produce the second complete set of Campaign Cards for Mark of Heroes set in Eberron. The ten cards in this set were shipped out as part of the D&D Rewards Spring mailing. Be sure to enroll in D&D Rewards and receive your share of the bounty.

Sentient Scout Set 2 Card 1: Creation

"They send Tanix for diversion. I am the surgical strike."
-- Servine IV, warforged scout

Not all warforged fit all purposes, and the smaller, more nimble warforged scouts were built for skirmish and stealth, to compliment the larger models' strength and stamina. Though either less common or less seen than the larger warforged, they are subject to Treaty of Thornhold, which granted warforged their freedom through most of Khorvaire.

Benefit: You are a warforged scout. Warforged scouts possess the following racial traits:

  • +2 Dexterity, -2 Strength, -2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma.
  • Small size. +1 bonus to Armor Class, +1 bonus on attack rolls, +4 bonus on Hide Checks, -4 penalty on grapple checks, lifting and carrying limits 3/4 those of Medium characters.
  • A warforged scout's base land speed is 20 feet.
  • Special Qualities (see Eberron Campaign Setting): composite plating, light fortification, living construct traits.
  • Automatic Languages: Common. Bonus Languages: None.
  • Favored Class: Rogue.

More information on the warforged scout can be found in the Monster Manual III.

People of Mind, Matter, and Radiance Set 2 Card 2: Creation

"The life is a manifestation of mind, matter, and radiance. All three in perfect balance is kalashtar."
-- Vezzentash, Kalashtar philosopher.

The kalashtar are a compound race: incorporeal entities from Dal Quar merged with human bodies and spirits. Taller than humans with beautiful angular features and an ethereal grace, kalashtar are truly psionic beings.

Benefit: You are a kalashtar (see Eberron Campaign Setting), and this unlocks any non-restricted class, skill, feat, power, prestige class, or psionic item from the Expanded Psionic Handbook. See the Mark of Heroes Campaign Standards for a list of campaign restricted psionic rules items.

Force of Will Set 2 Card 3: General

"Focus is the key. A scattered mind is a weak mind and one potentially subject to the tyranny of the Quori."
-- Denkmurtash, holy agent of the Path of Light

Benefit: Spend this card to modify a Will saving throw. When rolling your action point dice, roll an additional die. Take the higher of the rolls. Instead, if you rolled a 1 on a Will save, you can spend this card and two more action points to reroll that Will save.

Feign Surprise Set 2 Card 4: General

"He thought he had me, but I smelled his approach. When will they learn? Never hunt a hunter."
-- Hvriack, shifter ranger

Benefit: When surprised, you can spend this card to act during the surprise round. You act on your initiative, and you're flat-footed before your surprise round action in the initiative order.

Surprise Set Set 2 Card 5: General

"Your tactics are anachronisms of an irrelevant era."
-- Tanix, warforged hero

Benefit: Spend this card to take an attack of opportunity against an opponent charging you. Make this attack of opportunity prior to the opponent's charge attack.

Mind Over Body Set 2 Card 6: General

"In projecting the mind there is always danger to the body."
-- Vezzentash, kalashtar philosopher

Prerequisites: Manifester level 1st.

Benefit: Transfer some of your physical essence into psionic power. Spend this card and take 2 points of Constitution damage to gain an extra power point per manifester level in your reserve. Extra power points not spent by the end of the adventure are lost.

Triumph of Hoof and Fletching Set 2 Card 7: General

"Horses see not only the landscape, but into the realm of the ancestors. Trust in your ancestors and they will show a clear path into battle."
-- Shadi, Valenar horsemaster

Prerequisites: Mounted Combat, Mounted Archery.

Benefit: Spend this card to reduce the penalty you take when using a ranged weapon while mounted for as many consecutive rounds as your base attack bonus. The penalty for using a ranged weapon while your mount is taking a double movement is -0, and -2 when it is running.

Staggering Strike Set 2 Card 8: General

"With the rage in my soul I strike at thee, as my eyes glow crimson with cleansing hate."
-- Nil, warforged warrior poet

Prerequisites: Power Attack.

Benefit: Spend this card after a successful Power Attack against an opponent where you applied your entire base attack bonus to damage output. If the opponent can be stunned, it is stunned for a round. If it can't be stunned, it takes 1d6 points of additional damage.

Blood of the Beast Set 2 Card 9: Expansion

"Nature's raw power course through our veins; with the sweet call of blood on the wind, we call."
-- Mevja, shifter barbarian

Prerequisites: Shifter.

Benefit: You have uncanny senses ain to the wildest of beasts while within the boundaries of your homeland. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Spot, Listen, and Survival checks while in your region of origin. This card unlocks the following rules items (AllRE):

Feats: Battleshifter Training, Ragewild Fighting.

Racial Substitutions Levels: Shifter druid, shifter ranger.

Prestige Classes: Moonspeaker, Reachrunner.

Magic Items: Shifter clawbracers, shifter braid (any), talisman of the twelve moons.

Spells: Aspect of the werebeast, enhance shifting, extend shifting, shifter prowess.

Way of the Valenar Set 2 Card 10: Expansion

"Keep your blades sharp, your horse near, and your spirit victorious--that is the way of the Valenar."
-- Shaeras Vadallia, High King of Valenar

Prerequisites: Elf, region of origin Valenar.

Benefit: You have an almost spiritual knowledge of your homeland. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus on Spot, Listen, Ride and Survival checks while in Valenar. This card unlocks the following rules items:

Feats: Ancestral GuidanceRE, Bladebearer of the ValenarRE, Cavalry ChargeCW, Coordinated StrikeRW, Eyes in the Back of Your HeadCW, Greater Two-Weapon DefenseCW.

Magic Items: Survival pouch RW, tigerskin armor RW.

Prestige Classes: DervishCW, BladesingerCW (exchange Weapon Focus [longsword or rapier] requirement with Weapon Fosuc [scimitar or Valenar double scimitar]).

Spells: Raptor sight RW, ride of the Valenar RE, woodland veil RW.

[CW] = Complete Warrior

[RW] = Races of the Wild

[RE] = Races of Eberron
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