Steal This Hook!02/20/2006

Eberron Adventure Hook Generator

Is it time to sit down and plan out an adventure for your loyal Eberron players, and are you a bit stuck as to what to do next? Why not use this adventure hook generator and take a look at some fun and challenging ideas you can flesh out for your intrepid adventurers.

Each of these adventure hooks was first seen in the Steal This Hook! column written by Doug Beyer, and now you can access them randomly simply by choosing whether you prefer short hooks, long hooks, or both. When you're ready, click on the "Hook Me Up!" button and see what hook shows up for you.

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NOTE: The Adventure Hook Generator can only be used while connected to the internet. Some older browsers do not support the code used to create this generator (IE pre-5.0, Safari pre-1.2, Firefox pre-1.0).

About the Author

Doug Beyer spent a lot of time getting philosophy degrees until he figured out that he should just move to Seattle and become a web developer for Wizards of the Coast. Now he spends his days working on games and his evenings playing them. Doug uses the time normally allotted for sleeping to lurk on the message boards as his alter ego, WotC_Doog.

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