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Security Planned for Barrakas Summit
News for Sul, Nymm 15th, 998

"Unparalleled" Security Planned for Barrakas Summit

THRONEHOLD -- Kaskell d'Deneith stated on Zol that House Deneith plans to establish a 5-mile "exclusion zone" around the island of Thronehold for the duration of the international summit scheduled there during the first week of Barrakas. As a result of these precautions, maritime traffic throughout Scions Sound will be delayed.

"For the duration of the summit, we plan to cover Thronehold by land, sea, and air," said d'Deneith. "We plan to counter every possible kind of security breach -- from magical surveillance to extraplanar intrusion -- so that Khorvaire's national leaders can focus on negotiations."

Known in diplomatic circles as the Barrakas Summit, this historic meeting is officially called the First Summit of Peace and Reconciliation. Its beginning will mark the first time that Khorvaire's national leaders have gathered in one place since the Treaty of Thronehold was signed two years ago.

But as of now, with less than two months until the summit is scheduled to begin, only King Kaius ir'Wynarn III of Karrnath and Queen Aurala ir'Wynarn of Aundair have committed to attending. Though Breland's King Boranel ir'Wynarn has expressed support for the Barrakas Summit, he has made his attendance contingent on the continued progress of technical negotiations prior to the meeting.

"Negotiations are ongoing with other Khorvaire nations and with the elves of Aundair," said Special Ambassador Hjeltia Petilom of Aundair. "The diplomatic corps of Aundair and Karrnath are handling the day-to-day organization of the summit.

"This meeting represents an unparalleled opportunity for Khorvaire's leaders to come together and chart a course for the future," Petilom continued. "We're confident that the generations to come will look back at the Barrakas Summit and say, 'This is when Khorvaire put its bloody past behind it once and for all.'"

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David Noonan is a designer/developer for Wizards of the Coast. Before coming to Wizards, he was a daily newspaper reporter in Washington state. Apparently the city hall beat is good practice for an Eberron campaign.

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