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Girallons Rage Through Stoneyard
News for Sul, Nymm 15th, 998

Girallons Rage Through Stoneyard

SHARN -- On Far, several packs of girallons raged through the Stoneyard district of Lower Northedge, leaving thirteen dead or missing and scores of others wounded. City Watch officials reported that more than two dozen of the creatures had been captured or killed in an effort to restore peace to the neighborhood.

As of today, squads of soldiers are still conducting door-by-door searches of the entire district in an effort to round up the remaining girallons. "The origin of these creatures remains under investigation," said Watch Captain Handor Vassineck.

Eyewitnesses reported that the girallons descended from ledges and other high perches shortly after noon on Far. They attacked shoppers at a farmers' market on Green Coin Street, then spread out through the entire district.

"They snapped the neck of Thallia the grocer like a twig, then dragged her off," said Thomo Ghalann, a resident of the district. "They were loping through the city streets, bellowing as they went. Even my nightmares have never been as horrible as what I saw today."

Several Stoneyard residents cited the bravery of a druid known as Teln, who healed many of the wounded and used magic to drive off numerous girallons. At present, however, Teln is among the missing.

"Girallons are four-armed white gorillas known for their carnivorous diet, aggressive territoriality, and feral cunning," said Rhannock Plathekker, Professor of Cryptozoology at Morgrave University. "Even leaving aside the question of what jungle-dwellers were doing in the middle of a city, the girallons' behavior is puzzling," Plathekker said. "In the wild, their social structure doesn't extend beyond a pack of six or so. Furthermore, they generally consume their prey on the spot, rather than dragging it off."

About the Author

David Noonan is a designer/developer for Wizards of the Coast. Before coming to Wizards, he was a daily newspaper reporter in Washington state. Apparently the city hall beat is good practice for an Eberron campaign.

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