Sharn Inquisitive08/15/2005

Ir'Kalain Urges Q'Barran Emigration
News for Sul, Barrakas 15th, 998

Ir'Kalain Urges Q'Barran Emigration for "True Children of Galifar"

SHARN -- In response to the Breland Parliament's recent Galifaran Heritage resolution, Q'Barran native Joseth ir'Kalain said on Far that his nation, not Breland, is home to those he called the true children of Galifar. "Where else but New Galifar is the flag still flying?" ir'Kalain asked. "Not in Breland, although the members of your Parliament seem intent on wrapping themselves in a flag that's no longer theirs."

The Galifaran Heritage resolution, sent to the crown on an advisory basis, is an effort to rewrite history, ir'Kalain asserted. "The very existence of the Parliament shows that Breland would rather make its own way in the world than return to the splendors of Galifar," he said. "In my nation, we still adhere to the Code of Galifar. There's no parliament, no warmongering, and no need to pass a bill telling people what their heritage is.

"Those who truly admire Galifaran ideals should pack up and head east," ir'Kalain continued. "While life can be hard in Q'Barra, those who emigrate there will be living among honorable neighbors who respect tradition and law.

"New Galifar always has a place for those with honorable hearts -- for those who put their loyalty to Galifar above their own petty desires," ir'Kalain maintained. "Emigration has a practical aspect as well, since recent dragonshard discoveries have poised the region for a prosperous future."

Member of Parliament Hagni ir'Octacles, a sponsor of the Galifaran Heritage resolution, insisted that ir'Kalain defines Galifaran heritage too narrowly. "Nowhere in the resolution do we claim to be the sole heirs of Galifar. To do so would be absurd," she stated. "But it's just as absurd for ir'Kalain to claim that you can't represent Galifar's heritage without falling into lockstep with every article of the Code of Galifar. Galifar was more than its Code, and I want Breland to be a place where we revere the ideals behind the code, not the code itself," she said.

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David Noonan is a designer/developer for Wizards of the Coast. Before coming to Wizards, he was a daily newspaper reporter in Washington state. Apparently the city hall beat is good practice for an Eberron campaign.

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