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Rampaging Elementals Blamed for Wildfires
News for Sul, Dravago 22nd, 998

Rampaging Elementals Blamed for Thrane Wildfires

FLAMEKEEP—More than 10,000 acres of the Fields of Arolan continue to burn in central Thrane, the result of devastating wildfires started by marauding fire elementals.

Evacuation preparations are under way in the towns of Athandra and Avaroth, and the village of Tellyn has already been cleared of inhabitants.

The Lord of Castle Morningcrest has refused a Flame decree to abandon his keep, although he’s released all but immediate family members for evacuation.

Settlements near the wildfires are employing both mundane firefighting techniques (such as cutting firebreaks across the fields) and magical responses (such as weather control and various water-based summonings). But because some fire elementals are believed to be amid the flames, the wildfire’s path isn’t predictable.

Thrane authorities and representatives of the Silver Flame promised an investigation into the cause of the blaze as soon as it’s contained. Some fringe sects of the Silver Flame regard fire elementals to be sacred beings that cleanse only the unworthy, a notion that Silver Flame orthodoxy regards as “a miserable, wrongheaded attempt to justify arson.” Rumors among the evacuees routinely place blame among such fringe sects.

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David Noonan is a designer/developer for Wizards of the Coast. Before coming to Wizards, he was a daily newspaper reporter in Washington state. Apparently the city hall beat is good practice for an Eberron campaign.

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