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Rivals Join Forces for Attainder Bill
News for Nymm 8th, 998

Rivals ir’Tannak and ir’Lann Join Forces for Attainder Bill

WROAT—An unlikely alliance between bitter political foes Kurlo ir’Tannak and Hansa ir’Lann means that the Silver Lake Attainder Decree is likely to pass Parliament by month’s end.

“Never let it be said that the Tannak family will put personality before what’s good for Breland,” ir’Tannak said. “The merits of this decree are beyond question, and I’ll be proud to cast my vote for it.

“Let the past stay where it is,” said ir’Lann in a rare speech before Parliament. “Bury the past with all the honor that you bury the bravest soldier, but then march onward and carry the day for Breland.”

While their speeches on Wir sounded common themes, the pair have oratorical styles as opposite as their previous positions. Kurlo ir’Tannak’s speech alternated between fiery rhetoric against “enemies of Breland, foreign and domestic” and folksy appeals for support from his “lords and brothers.” Hansa ir’Lann’s quavering voice could barely be heard in the upper galleries—a reason why most of his legislative work is done behind the scenes.

If ir’Tannak and ir’Lann both vote in favor of the attainder decree, it will mark the first time they’ve ever cast their votes together, excepting strictly ceremonial decrees. As recently as last year, ir’Tannak accused ir’Lann of treason and ir’Lann called ir’Tannak “an unrepentant drunkard” in the wake of the controversial High Seas Accords.

Their rivalry predates their postwar service in Parliament. It’s widely believed that ir’Tannak and ir’Lann engaged in fisticuffs in the middle of the Battle of Red Creek in 979, when both were colonels under legendary General Bollandar, separately sent to seize a key bridge. Records of the incident remain sealed, and given the folkloric quality of the tale, its veracity remains unknown.

If passed by Parliament and signed by King Boranel, the attainder decree would mandate the forfeiture of property belonging to 14 family estates along the southern shore of Silver Lake. Those families, citing Thrane advances along the northern front, refused to send manor guards to break a Droaamite siege of Six Kings in 988.

Ownership of the estates would pass to the crown.

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David Noonan is a designer/developer for Wizards of the Coast. Before coming to Wizards, he was a daily newspaper reporter in Washington state. Apparently the city hall beat is good practice for an Eberron campaign.

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