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Poisoned Cider Intended for Soldiers
News for Aryth 22nd, 998

Thrane Archbishop: Poisoned Cider Intended for Soldiers

THALIOST—Archbishop of Thaliost Solar Dariznu said on Wir that the casks of poisoned cider that killed twelve and sickened more than thirty last week were originally intended for knights at the city’s main garrison.

“Cowardly poisoning is crime enough, but to intend such perfidy against knights of the Flame will draw the sternest possible punishment—from both the law and the Silver Flame itself,” he said.

Dariznu said inquisitors were working around the clock to apprehend those responsible for the poisoning. He urged anyone with information about cider shipments or “subversive forces” to inform a church inquisitor or knight of Thrane.

Investigators have so far traced the poisoning to a shipment of apple cider that arrived last week by wagon. It was stored in a southern warehouse attached to the Thrane barracks. A supply sergeant noticed the extra casks, marked them surplus, and sold them in the Vintner’s Bazaar on Kelwian Street.

“It’s clear that the forces of evil wanted to strike at the very heart of Thaliost—those brave knights willing to die for the good-hearted citizens of Thrane,” Dariznu said.

Victims of the poisoned cider began falling ill a week ago, complaining of listlessness and headache. Many died in their sleep or linger there, unable to awaken.

As word of the poisonings spread through Thaliost, knights had to restore order following panic at several marketplaces. Several hundred fled the city following rumors that other foodstuffs were likewise tainted, but the next morning the city’s gates were closed “to entrap the perpetrators of this vile crime,” according to the posted order.

Dariznu said the Church of the Silver Flame was using magic to ensure that the city’s food supply was safe—a process that should be complete in two or three days.

In the meantime, no one can enter or leave the city without a writ from the Church. Writs are available at the North Chapel, the Embershrine of Saviors, and the central Cathedral, a church official said.

About the Author

David Noonan is a designer/developer for Wizards of the Coast. Before coming to Wizards, he was a daily newspaper reporter in Washington state. Apparently the city hall beat is good practice for an Eberron campaign.

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