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Crowds Expected for Morgrave Graduation
News for Nymm 8th, 998

Crowds Expected for Morgrave Graduation

SHARN—Next Zur is graduation day for many of Morgrave University’s students, bringing thousands of well-wishers to the University District and throughout Upper Menthis Plateau.

City Watch Commander Silaena Cazal said extra patrols would be deployed to manage the teeming crowds throughout the weekend, but that residents should expect to be rubbing shoulders with visitors.

“I’ll note that Sharn has several laws on the books to punish overly festive carousing, and I intend to enforce them,” Cazal said. “And the Watch will be particularly vigilant about petty street crime. We’re not going to have a repeat of last year’s disorder.”

University District residents reported widespread pickpocketing, confidence games, and assaults during graduation week last year.

Most of the traditional academic colleges honor their graduates in a common ceremony in the Great Hall of Aureon at noon. This year’s keynote speaker is Daerin Ollio, noted for his exploration of the mysterious dragon continent of Argonessen.

A few colleges run on different schedules. The arcanist and theological colleges, for example, awards degrees to their graduates in Nymm.

About the Author

David Noonan is a designer/developer for Wizards of the Coast. Before coming to Wizards, he was a daily newspaper reporter in Washington state. Apparently the city hall beat is good practice for an Eberron campaign.

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