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Clan Soldorak Announces ‘Khorvaire’s Deepest’ Mine in Goradra Gap
News for Barrakas 22nd, 998

Clan Soldorak Announces ‘Khorvaire’s Deepest’ Mine in Goradra Gap

KRONA PEAK—Bruun Soldorak said on Sar that ore extraction will begin this month at the clan’s Glitterdeep mine in Goradra Gap. With two main shafts extending two miles below the surface, the clan claims that Glitterdeep will be the deepest known mine.

“Within a few short weeks, we’ll start a new chapter in the glorious history of Clan Soldorak,” Bruun said. “We plan to share our new prosperity with our neighbors both beyond the clan, bringing them metal ore in both quality and quantity undreamed of.”

The clan has been excavating the main shaft and more than 200 miles of tunnels for more than a decade. Bruun Soldorak’s father, Gerrim Soldorak, did much of the initial prospecting and mine architecture shortly before his death in 987.

Excavation of the mine stopped for eight months last year after an incursion of strange monsters in the tunnels forced the clan to mobilize for war. Clan Soldorak rebuffed offers of assistance from other clans, and to this date no one outside the clan has seen anything other than one of the main shafts.

The very existence of the mine is controversial in the Mror Holds. The deep canyons of Goradra Gap are known to be home to strange, hostile monsters that periodically emerge from deep underground, and dwarves outside Clan Soldorak worry that the Glitterdeep will give such beasts easier access to the surface world.

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David Noonan is a designer/developer for Wizards of the Coast. Before coming to Wizards, he was a daily newspaper reporter in Washington state. Apparently the city hall beat is good practice for an Eberron campaign.

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