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Eberron Campaign Setting, Part 2
Khorvaire Poster Map

This full-sized poster map of the continent of Khorvaire on Eberron measures approximately 32"x20" and can be printed on one sheet of paper on a large-format printer or as individual 8.5"x11" sheets that you assemble.

The map slightly updates some information presented in the Eberron Campaign Setting book, such as corrected paths of lightning rail routes through the Mournland and miscellaneous adjustments make a consistent map for the entire continent of Khorvaire, coast to coast.

Now you can easily determine whether you can catch a lightning rail from Sharn to anywhere else without having to consult multiple maps in the Eberron Campaign Setting book.

This new poster map also adds a new feature not found in the EberronCampaign Setting book: calculated distances between cities and major stops along all Orien trade routes and lightning rail routes. Now you can determine exact travel times, as well as get an easy perspective on distances between adventure sites.

Eberron Poster Map Instructions

The full-sized map of Khorvaire is approximately 32"x20" and is available in three formats.

32"x20" Format

This is one large file for printing to a large-format printer. It can also be used by programs that are capable of "tile printing" to break the map up into sizes that are appropriate for your situation.

11"x17" Format

This format is suitable for printing on a tabloid size (11"x17") sheet of paper. Note that at that size, some of the detail of the map is difficult to see, but it is still good for the Dungeon Master to write notes on without having to print out the entire map.

8.5"x11" Format

This format has the single large map broken into eight 8.5"x11" sections for printing on a typical home printer, then assembling into the large poster size. This visual guide shows you which image represents which area of the map.

Piece 1 Piece 2 Piece 3 Piece 4
Piece 5 Piece 6 Piece 7 Piece 8

Printing the Map

You can use any program capable of printing JPEG images to print your map.

Each image is at high resolution (150 ppi) which may cause the image to print on multiple sheets of paper depending on how the program you're using is configured. Make sure that each image is set to print only on one side of each sheet of paper.

If you want to print your map on high-quality paper, be sure to print it first on low-quality paper to ensure all your settings are correct.

Assembling Your Map

After each page has printed, cut the margins away and carefully line each page up with the other. Then you're free to tape the pieces together or fix each piece to your wall or other surface separately as you desire.

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