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Dispel Confusion Vol. 1, No. 1
April 2007

If you have specific questions regarding the Xen’drik Expeditions campaign, please post your questions on the official Xen’drik Expeditions message board forum, located on the Wizards community boards.

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All references to the three Dungeons & Dragons core rulebooks refer to the version 3.5. The following are official changes to the Xen’drik Expeditions Campaign Standards v.2.0 arising from questions asked on the Xen’drik Expeditions forum and at D&D Experience. Future versions of the Xen’drik Expeditions Campaign Standards will account for the following errata.

Level Bump and Retooling

Q: How do I record a level bump?

A: Make an entry on your adventure journal labeled “Level Bump” recording your new level and EV.

Q: Is retooling ranger favored enemies allowed?

A: Favored enemies are a class feature. Class features are cannot be retooled. The same applies to the special ability chosen by a 10th-level rogue or the bonus feat chosen by a 2nd-level monk.

Q: You can’t retool your starting class or base statistics, but can you retool your 1st-level skill and feat choices made for your starting class?

A: Yes, these choices may be retooled every level bump.

EV and Equipment

Q: Is a homunculus considered equipment? Can it be retooled? Do feats or abilities that reduce the cost of crafting equipment apply to homunculi?

A: Yes, homunculi are considered equipment and can be retooled between conventions. Feats like Extraordinary Artisan do apply to the cost required to craft a homunculus and to its upgrade costs.

Q: The campaign standards indicate that using an item creation feat to craft a permanent item allows you to purchase it using your EV at 2/3 the published cost. However, the description of the Extraordinary Artisan feat below states that the feat reduces the cost to 1/2 from 3/4. Does a character create permanent items at 2/3 the published cost or 3/4 of the published cost when they possess only the correct item creation feat and not Extraordinary Artisan feat?

A: There is a mistake in the Extraordinary Artisan feat description in the campaign standards. The correct cost discount for having an item creation feat should be 2/3 not 3/4. Possessing Extraordinary Artisan decreases the cost to 1/2.

Expansion Slots and Restricted Rules Items

Q: The feat Metamagic Spell Trigger is restricted, but the artificer class has a class ability of the same name. Is that class ability restricted?

A: No, artificer class retains and may use the ability. Only the feat is restricted.

Q: I want to be a Cannith wand adept, but that prestige class gives you the feat Least Dragonmark at third level. That feat is restricted. What do I do?

A: Prestige classes that give you Dragonmarks as class abilities still give you those marks. Note that in order to qualify for the Cannith wand adept prestige class you have to be a member of House Cannith, which means one of three things: you are a member of the Blackwheel faction (in which case Dragonmarks aren't restricted for your PC), you used the Heir of Forge and Sigil promo card from the Mark of Heroes Campaign (in which case Dragonmarks aren't restricted), or you have unlocked Noble Title as your 1st-level expansion slot (which is where this clarification becomes necessary).

Q: How does the divine/arcane focus of a chameleon work with respect to non-unlimited classes spell choices and expansion slots?

A: You can do one of two things. You can unlock a whole class and thus its spells are no longer limited, or you may unlock individual spells. If you do not spend expansion slots you may only choose spells from unlimited classes.


Q: The hexblade base class is missing from Table CS-2 and CS-5. Does this mean it is restricted?

A: No, the absence of hexblade is a mistake. The hexblade base class is locked. The hexblade gains 6 hp per level after first and begins play with 240 gp.

Q: How many expansion slots are needed to unlock animal handling from Complete Adventurer?

A: None, the animal tricks and purposes listed in Complete Adventurer are freely available.

Q: Does the Xen’drik Expeditions campaign use campaign cards published for any other campaigns?

A: All campaign cards published for the Mark of Heroes and Xen’drik Expeditions campaigns are legal for play. Legacy of the Green Regent campaign cards are not. The following Living Greyhawk cards are legal for the Xen’drik Expeditions campaign: Adrenaline Rush, Charm of the Fortunate, Feat of Strength, and Not This Time.

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