Xen'drik Expeditions07/17/2007

Xen’drik Expeditions Reporting Deadline
2007 Summer Level Kick

The level kick for Xen’drik Expeditions is fast approaching, and in order to ensure a smooth process, adventures need to be reported in a timely fashion. All adventures currently available for the Xen’drik Expeditions campaign must be reported no later than August 6, 2007. Any Xen’drik adventures with outstanding results that are not reported by this date will no longer be reportable. It is very important that these adventures are reported by that date, otherwise characters that participated in them will not receive any gold, experience, or story objects for their play.

Reporting earlier will also assist us in correcting any reporting issues before the cutoff date. After August 6, 2007, we will not be able to correct reporting errors or fix issues with reporting, so report as soon as you are able. Since the last day of play for many Xen’drik Expeditions adventures is no later than July 29, 2007, you should report as soon as possible.

Come back to the website soon for an announcement on the next Xen’drik level kick, taking place just prior to Gen Con Indy!

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