Xen'drik Expeditions07/25/2007

Play Xen’drik During the Blackout!
2007 Summer Level Kick

From July 30 to August 15, the Xen’drik Expeditions campaign is in a blackout period – that is, no adventures can be ordered or reported due to the character database being updated for the level kick at Gen Con Indy. However, we’ve managed a way around that in order to give you something to play for those two weeks – a special Expedition DM’s Mark! EXD-1 is orderable in the system now, and while we can’t give your characters gold or XP for playing it (due to the database update), there are some nifty story objects that can be earned, and will be applied to your character!

Once the blackout is over, our normal deluge of Xen’drik adventures will become available for order, and this special adventure will go away. Play it now before it’s gone!

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