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Xen'drik Expeditions
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Welcome to Xen'drik Expedisitons! In this campaign-style game, you create your own character and play it at any RPGA-sanctioned event featuring Xen'drik Expedisitons adventures. The Xen'drik Expedisitons Campaign Standards document, along with the Eberron Campaign Setting and Dungeons & Dragons v.3.5 core rules, prepare you for play.

From game to game, your character interacts with each adventure's story and challenges. Game masters report your character's accomplishments back to RPGA headquarters to help determine the course of the game over the next year and a half. Adventure tracking also awards your character experience points and gold pieces for defeating challenges.

Every character in the campaign is a member of one of four guilds: Blackwheel Company, Cabal of Shadows, Crimson Codex, and Covenant of Light.The factions explore Eberron’s Lost Continent in a quest to manipulate a powerful thread of the draconic Prophecy called the Caldyn Fragments.

Special Level Kick: Gen Con Indy
With Xen'drik Expeditions finale fast-approaching, we want to give everyone plenty of time to enjoy all the adventures, and database/manpower considerations, we are announcing some changes. Discover more about this special level kick.

Current Campaign Level

Campaign Level: 10th Level
Base Equip Value: 49,000 gp
Level Kick Applied: D&D Experience, February 28, 2008

Xen'drik Expeditions
Getting Started
Who we are, what you'll need, and things to expect in the campaign.
Campaign Documents
Xen'drik Expeditions Campaign Standards v.4.0
Xen'drik Expeditions Campaign Standards v.3.0
D&D Campaigns Character Sheet
D&D Campaigns Progression Sheet
D&D Campaigns Magic and Stack Sheet
Fastplay Characters
No time for character creation? Grab a fastplay character and jump into action.
Blackwheel Company
Cabal of Shadows
Crimson Codex
Covenant of Light
Adventure Journal
Adventure Journal
Adventure Journal
Adventure Journal
DM's Mark Adventures
Let your creativity shine! We provide guidelines, but you create the adventure.
Campaign Cards
Set 1 - Summer 2006
Set 2 - Spring 2007
Set 3 - Summer 2007
Set 4 - Fall 2007
Promo Cards
Dispel Confusion
Address rules issues, we release this periodic FAQ/errata listing to keep you campaign savvy.
Contact the Campaign Staff

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