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Official D&D Game Rule FAQ Update

Do you have questions about the D&D game rules? Download the official FAQ that best suits your needs. Each FAQ is presented in PDF format so that you can download it, print it, and take it to your game. They feature a date code in the footer so you can always be sure that you have the most current version. (These game rule FAQs do not cover errata found in the errata documents.)

NOTE: The FAQ files were last modified on the dates indicated in their filename; however, they may have been posted at a later date. These are the most recent versions of the FAQ files available. Any FAQs updated since the previous update will have the date listed in RED below.

v.3.5 FAQ

v.3.5 Main D&D FAQ
(includes questions for Character Races, Classes, and Feats)

3rd Edition FAQs

Main D&D FAQ
(includes questions for the Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide)
Monsters FAQ
(includes questions for Monster Manual and Monsters of Faerun)
Book of Vile Darkness FAQ 01/19/2003
Defenders of the Faith FAQ 10/18/2002
Deities and Demigods FAQ
(includes questions for Deities and Demigods and Faiths and Pantheons)
Epic Level Handbook FAQ 04/04/2003
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting FAQ
(includes questions for Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting and Magic of Faerun)
Manual of the Planes FAQ 10/18/2002
Masters of the Wild FAQ 10/18/2002
Oriental Adventures FAQ 04/04/2003
Psionics Handbook FAQ 10/18/2002
Song and Silence FAQ 03/29/2002
Sword and Fist FAQ 05/30/2003
Tome and Blood FAQ 05/30/2003

D&D Miniatures FAQ

Errata, FAQ, and Other Resources

Classic Downloads

2nd Edition to 3rd Edition Conversion Manual
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