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Official D&D Updates

Theseupdates were last modified on the dates indicated in their filename. However, they may have been posted at a later date. These are the most recent versions of the files available. Any updates since the previous have their date listed in RED below.

v.3.5 Updates

Player's Handbook v.3.5 02/16/2006
Dungeon Master's Guide v.3.5 03/12/2004
Monster Manual v.3.5 02/16/2006
Book of Exalted Deeds 02/16/2006
Complete Adventurer 08/03/2005
Complete Arcane 03/16/2005
Complete Champion 09/24/2008
Complete Divine 09/24/2004
Complete Mage 11/09/2007
Complete Scoundrel 09/24/2008
Complete Warrior 07/26/2005
Eberron Campaign Setting 02/16/2006
Expanded Psionics Handbook 02/16/2006
Frostburn 02/16/2006
Libris Mortis 02/11/2005
Magic Item Compendium 09/24/2008
Monster Manual 3 06/29/2006
Planar Handbook 11/26/2004
Player's Guide to Faerûn 07/23/2004
Player's Handbook 2 10/16/2007
Power of Faerûn 05/31/2006
Serpent Kingdom 11/30/2004
Shadows of the Last War 12/03/2004
Sharn: City of Towers 02/16/2006
Spell Compendium 10/23/2007
Tome of Battle 09/24/2008
Tome of Magic 03/28/2006
Unapproachable East 02/16/2006

3rd Edition Updates

Player's Handbook (Rules Corrections - Clarifications) 05/25/2001
Dungeon Master's Guide 08/24/2001
Monster Manual 03/18/2002
Epic Level Handbook 02/16/2006
Fiend Folio 02/16/2006
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 11/16/2001
Lord of the Iron Fortress 03/16/2006
Magic of Faerun 03/16/2006
Manual of the Planes 02/16/2006
Monster Manual 2 02/16/2006
Oriental Adventures 02/16/2006
Psionics Handbook 05/30/2002
Sword and Fist 10/18/2002

D&D Miniatures

D&D Miniatures
Includes official updates for the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Entry Pack,
Harbinger Expansion Pack, and Dragoneye Expansion Pack

d20 Modern

d20 Future Tech 04/04/2006

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