Elminster Speaks
Wrapup Compilation
Part 66: Kholtar, Part 17
Part 65: Kholtar, Part 16
Part 64: Kholtar, Part 15
Part 63: Kholtar, Part 14
Part 62: Kholtar, Part 13
Part 61: Kholtar, Part 12

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Elminster Speaks
Wrapup Compilation
By Ed Greenwood

The Sage of Shadowdale had spoken on many topics for over sixty columns. He will continue to speak out, but he has decided to wrap up this particular web column. So you can enjoy his sage wisdom for a long time to come, we've compiled all the online Elminster Speaks columns into one easy-to-download, printer-friendly file. Note that the earlier Elminster Speaks columns were written for 2nd edition AD&D, while the later ones are for the new (3.0) D&D. We have repaired a few scribal errors and installed a consistent flowing hierarchy to the Old Mage's numerous shorter missives, but we have not changed the game statistics -- the purpose of this document is to preserve the content of the Old Mage's writing, not update it to the most recent game values.

  • Download complete Elminster Speaks archive. (284k PDF/ZIP)

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