Excerpts 12/02/2005

Spell Compendium Excerpt
By Matthew Sernett, Jeff Grubb, Mike McArtor

Magic and mayhem, healing and hindrances, astonishing displays of the arcane and soul-touching demonstrations of faith await within the Spell Compendium. Allow your characters a huge range of options in this compilation of spells both arcane and divine -- plus see illustrations and read descriptive text that gives some more life to your character's magic. The excerpts below include information from the introduction, renamed spells, two sample spells, the assassin spell list, and some domains. To learn more about what you'll find within this tome, the Introduction (see below) is a great place to start.

Renamed Spells

The following spells were renamed before their inclusion in this book. If you look for a particular spell in this chapter and don't find it, check this list to see if the spell has a new name.

Previous Name Present Name
Aganazzar's scorcher scorch
air bubble deep breath
Alamanther's return replicate casting
analyze opponent know opponent
assay resistance assay spell resistance
Auril's flowers ice flowers
Azuth's exalted triad triadspell
Azuth's spell shield mass spell resistance
Balagarn's iron horn ironthunder horn
bane bow foebane
Barlen's crabwalk crabwalk
Bigby's slapping hand slapping hand
bridge of sound dark way
Caligarde's claw force claw
chamber ethereal chamber
chameleon camouflage
claws of the beast claws of the bear
climb climb walls
curse of petty failing curse of ill fortune
curse of petty failing, legion's mass curse of ill fortune
Darsson's potion quick potion
deafening breath incorporated into breath weapon admixture
Dhulark's glassstrike glass strike
Eilistraee's grace grace
Elminster's effulgent epuration effulgent epuration
Elminster's evasion instant refuge
favor of Ilmater favor of the martyr
force ram battering ram
force whip sonic whip
frost fingers frost breath
fugue of Tvash-Prull fugue
gate seal seal portal
Ghorus Toth's metal melt metal melt
great shout incorporated into greater shout
green oath plant body
Grimwald's greymantle graymantle
guided arrow guided shot
hand of Torm hand of the faithful
harmony inspirational boost
Horizikaul's boom sonic blast
Horizikaul's cough sonic snap
Horizikaul's versatile vibration sonic rumble
Igedrazaar's miasma malevolent miasma
improved alarm greater alarm
ironguard, greater ironguard
Kaupaer's skittish nerves nerveskitter
Kelemvor's grace life's grace
Khelben's suspended silence suspended silence
Laeral's cutting hand cutting hand
Laogzed's breath nauseating breath
Leomund's hidden lodge hidden lodge
manifest, mass mass make manifest
Mestil's acid breath acid breath
Mestil's acid sheath acid sheath
minor reflection ray deflection
minor servitor awaken construct
monstrous regeneration greater vigor
Mordenkainen's buzzing bee buzzing bee
Mordenkainen's force missiles force missiles
Mystra's miasma magic miasma
Nchaser's glowing orb glowing orb
Nybor's gentle reminder rebuke
Nybor's mild admonishment greater rebuke
Nybor's stern reproof rebuke, final
Nybor's wrathful castigation wrathful castigation
Otiluke's dispelling screen dispelling screen
Otiluke's greater dispelling screen greater dispelling screen
Presper's moonbow moonbow
Rary's interplanar telepathic bond interplanar telepathic bond
recall spirit revenance
remedy moderate wounds vigor
righteous fury The version of this spell from the Miniatures Handbook has been renamed rhino's rush
rogue wave tidal surge
Shelgarn's persistent blade persistent blade
Simbul's skeletal deliquescence corporeal instability
Simbul's spell sequencer spell matrix
Simbul's spell trigger greater spell matrix
Simbul's spell matrix lesser spell matrix
Simbul's synostodweomer synostodweomer
Snilloc's snowball swarm snowball swarm
teleport, mass incorporated into teleport
Tenser's floating disk, greater greater floating disk
Tirumel's energy spheres energy spheres
Tvash-Prull's bonefiddle bonefiddle
undeniable gravity earthbind
Vaeraun's nightshield nightshield
Zajimarn's avalanche obedient avalanche
Zajimarn's ice claw prison ice claw

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