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Races of the Dragon Excerpt
By Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel, Jennifer Clarke Wilkes,
Kolja Raven Liquette

Races of the Dragon provides D&D players and Dungeon Masters with an in-depth look at races descended from or related to dragons. In addition to exploring the fan-favorite kobold race, Races of the Dragon introduces two new races, dragonborn and spellscales, and provides information on half-dragons. The dragonborn are a transitive race, an exciting new concept that allows players to transform from their initial race into a new one. This book also includes a wealth of cultural information and new prestige classes, feats, equipment, spells, and magic items. The excerpts below include the disciple of the eye prestige class, sample racial substitution levels, some psionic powers, and draconic grafts.

Table of Contents

The Dragonkind Races
Dragonblood Subtype

Chapter 1: Dragonborn of Bahamut
A Day in the Life
The Call of Bahamut
The Rite of Rebirth
Dragonborn Life
Society and Culture
Dragonborn and Other Races
History and Folklore
Bahamut's First Child
Tiamat and Bahamut
The Former Dragonborn
Example Dragonborn Encampment: Vyth's Base
Creating Dragonborn Characters

Chapter 2: Spellscales
A Day in the Life
Living without Apology or Explanation
Spellscale Life
Changeable Rituals
Society and Culture
Spellscales and Other Races
History and Folklore
Origin Stories
Recent History
Creating Spellscale Characters

Chapter 3: Kobolds
A Day in the Life
Kobold Life
Society and Culture
Kobolds and Other Races
History and Folklore
Mythic Origin
Example Lair: Iejirokarthel
Creating Kobold Characters

Chapter 4: Dragon-Descended
The Half-Dragon: A Day in the Life
The Draconic Character: A Day in the Life
Dragon-Descended Psychology
Draconic Characters
Dragon Heritage and Behavior
Dragon-Descended Heritage
Dragon-Descended Life
Draconic Characters
Dragon-Descended Society and Culture
Dragon-Descended and Other Races
Draconic Characters
Dragon-Descended History and Folklore
The Blending
The Spheres of Concordance
A Half-Dragon's Home
Creating Dragon-Descended Characters
Level Adjustments
Half-Dragons beyond the Monster Manual Special Abilities
Nonhumanoid Dragon-Descended
Nonhumanoid Half-Dragons
Nonhumanoid Draconic Creatures
Dragon-Descended Characters
Draconic Creature Template
Creating a Draconic Creature

Chapter 5: Prestige Classes
Disciple of the Eye
Dragon Devotee
Dragonheart Mage
Singer of Concordance
Shrine to Io

Chapter 6: Character Options
Handle Animal
Accelerate Metamagic
Dragon Breath
Dragon Tail
Dragon Trainer
Dragon Wings
Extraordinary Trapsmith
Heavyweight Wings
Improved Dragon Wings
Kobold Endurance
Kobold Foe Strike
Practical Metamagic
Reinforced Wings
Versatile Spellcaster
Breath Channeling Feats
Entangling Exhalation
Exhaled Barrier
Exhaled Immunity
Extra Exhalation
Furious Inhalation
Draconic Feats
Draconic Arcane Grace
Draconic Breath
Draconic Claw
Draconic Flight
Draconic Heritage
Draconic Legacy
Draconic Persuasion
Draconic Power
Draconic Presence
Draconic Resistance
Draconic Skin
Draconic Toughness
Tactical Feats
Spell Rehearsal
Wing Expert
Racial Substitution Levels
Dragonblood Cleric
Dragonblood Sorcerer
Dragonborn Paladin
Kobold Fighter
Kobold Ranger
Kobold Rogue
Spellscale Bard

Chapter 7: Magic and Psionics
Spell Lists
Spell Descriptions
Psionic Powers

Chapter 8: Equipment
New Armor Materials
Chitin Armor
Colored Metal
Special Substances and Items
Wondrous Items
Amulet of Warmth
Angriz's Chest
Folding Trap
Memento Magica
Necklace of Dragon's Teeth
Medallions of Io
Softhands Gloves
Spellflinging Spear
Draconic Grafts
Buffeting Wings
Dragonbone Legs
Dragonheart Presence
Frightful Crest
Glaring Eye
Gleaming Scales
Metabolic Fire
Resilient Scales
Smashing Tail
Taloned Arm
Booldipdop's Hideout

Chapter 9: Campaigns of the Dragon
Dragonborn in a Campaign
Sample Dragonborn NPCs
Spellscales in a Campaign
Sample Spellscale NPCs
Dragon-Descended PCs
The Dragon-Descended Campaign
A Dragon-Descended Encampment
Sample Dragon-Descended NPCs
Kobolds in a Draconic Campaign
Kobold Settlements
Adventuring in Kobold Settlements
Sample Kobold NPCs
Kobold Mine

Appendix: The Draconic Language
Appendix: Dragon Deities


"I believe in miracles. After all, the majesty and grandeur of the dragon imbues my blood with magic. Touch my skin, feel the pattern of my scales. Look into my eyes. Feel the magic of my being. Know that I am dragonblood."

-- Benesvelk ux Thurirl tibur Elizar, dragonborn

Few creatures excite the imagination as much as dragons. These awesome beings are the ultimate adversaries and allies, found throughout myths from around the world and holding a legendary place in our hearts. For many, the appearance of a dragon is the highlight of a campaign, meaning that the player characters have finally mastered their skills.

Despite our enjoyment at encountering dragons in our games, however, playing one is not an option in most campaigns due to the majesty, wealth, and power that a dragon commands. For those who want to experience draconic splendor firsthand -- to have a chance to play with and direct the power of the dragon ourselves -- opportunities have been few and far between. Many of us are still wishing we could play a dragon somehow -- to be of a race of the dragon. This book is for us.

Races of the Dragon is a supplement for the Dungeons & Dragons® roleplaying game. It is primarily a player resource focusing on new options and expanded rules for D&D players who want to play draconic races. It features two new races, the dragonborn and the spellscale, as well as detailing familiar dragonkind creatures such as kobolds, half-dragons, and creatures with the draconic template. Much of the book is devoted to new options for players and their characters -- prestige classes, feats, racial substitution levels, spells, psionic powers, and equipment.

Races of the Dragon also includes a number of adventure sites and sample NPCs that Dungeon Masters can use as a resource for encounters and adventures featuring members of the dragonblooded races.

What Is a Race of the Dragon

Dragons have been living and breeding for eons. Sorcerers of any humanoid race carry a trace of this draconic ancestry. Is every sorcerer a member of a race of the dragon? No -- although the blood of the dragon may be in all of them, it is dilute and latent in the vast majority. Other races such as lizardfolk and troglodytes likewise may have had touches of dragon blood in their past, but they no longer have strong links to any dragon ancestry. That link is necessary for one to claim descent from draconic ancestry. Being a member of dragonblood race goes much deeper than merely speaking Draconic or having scales. Races of the dragon are those with strong ties to their dragon progenitors. They look, feel, and often behave in ways that ref lect their mighty draconic heritage.

The sidebar at the bottom of this page goes into detail about how dragons and those related to dragons are classified in the game.

What You Need to Play

Races of the Dragon makes use of the information in the three D&D core rulebooks -- Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manual. In addition, it contains references to creature descriptions and other material from several supplements, including Draconomicon, Monster Manual II, Monster Manual III, Fiend Folio, Monstrous Compendium: Monsters of Faerûn, Oriental Adventures, Epic Level Handbook, and Sandstorm.

Although possession of any or all of these supplements will enhance your enjoyment of Races of the Dragon, they are not strictly necessary; in fact, in many cases all the details you need to make use of a particular creature or rule from another source are provided in this book.

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