Excerpts 09/11/2006

Faiths of Eberron Excerpts

By Jennifer Clarke Wilkes, Ari Marmell, C.A. Suleiman

In Faiths of Eberron, you'll find many faiths -- and many truths.Contradictory truths might both be correct. Vague legend might be fact, and accepted fact only dogma. But to every worshiper, the divine presence manifests in miraculous magic, boons for the faithful, and undeniable holy power. In short, faith shapes reality. Take a look at some excerpts from the book that presents detailed descriptions of the major religions of Eberron, including the rival pantheons of the Sovereign Host and the Dark Six, the young faith of the Silver Flame, and the shadowed Blood of Vol. You'll also find intriguing details of lesser religions, such as the beliefs of the laconic warforged, the mad cults of the Dragon Below, and the various druid sects of the Eldeen Reaches. The Faiths of Eberron supplement also includes new feats, spells, prestige classes, and equipment to give more options to devout worshipers and sometime followers alike. The excerpts below include a list of feats, a cleric quick-reference, and most of Chapter 4, which covers the Blood of Vol.

Table 7-1: New Feats

General Feats Prerequisites Benefit
Action Healing Ability to lay on hands Spend 1 action point to boost your lay on hands in one of three ways
Ceremonial Empowerment Cleric level 1st, worshiper of the Sovereign Host or one of its deities +1 sacred bonus to caster level on your god's holy days
Frantic Rage Rage ability, access to the Madness* domain Gain bonus to Dexterity instead of Strength
Heroic Devotion Ability to cast 2nd-level divine spells Gain 1 temporary action point in place of highest-level spell slot
Lucid Channeling Good alignment, Int 13, Wis 13, Cha 13 Channeled celestial uses its Int, Wis, and Cha scores and can share thoughts with host
Nightbringer Initiate Nongood alignment, ability to spontaneously cast summon nature's ally Add Hide and Move Silently as class skills, add spells to spell list
Unquenchable Flame of Life -- +2 bonus on saves against undead attacks
Unyielding Bond of Soul -- +2 bonus on saves against evil outsider attacks
Worldly Focus Worshiper of the Sovereign Host Cast divine spells without a divine focus
Wrest Possession Nongood alignment, Cha 15 You can attempt to take control of a fiend that fails three possession attempts against you
Divine Feats Prerequisites Benefit
Ancestral Whispers Ability to turn/rebuke undead, worshiper of the Undying Court Spend turn attempt to gain a bonus on a skill check
Divine Alacrity Ability to turn/rebuke undead, access to the Travel domain Spend turn/rebuke attempt to gain +30 feet to speed for 1 round
Divine Countermagic Ability to turn/rebuke undead, access to Magic or Spell** domain Spend turn/rebuke attempt to counter others' spells with divine energy
Divine Warrior Proficiency in deity's favored weapon, base attack bonus +6, ability to turn/rebuke undead Spend turn/rebuke attempt to make weapon holy or unholy for one attack
Domain Spontaneity Ability to turn/rebuke undead Spend turn/rebuke attempt to spontaneously cast a domain spell
Heroic Channeling Ability to turn/rebuke undead Spend 1 action point instead of a turn/rebuke attempt to use divine feat
Sacred Resilience Unquenchable Flame of Life or Unyielding Bond of Soul, ability to turn undead Spend turn attempt to help ally resist undead or evil outsider attacks
Touch of Silver Ability to lay on hands, ability to turn undead, worshiper of the Silver Flame Lay on hands damages evil outsiders and lycanthropes as though they were undead
Item Creation Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Construct Grafter Craft (armorsmithing, blacksmithing, or sculpting) 10 ranks Create construct grafts

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