Excerpts 02/09/2007

Dungeonscape Excerpts
By Jason Bulmahn and Rich Burlew

Build a dungeon or two, or adapt your character for upcoming dungeon challenges, with the help of the material you'll find within Dungeonscape. To see what's in store for your next door-bashing, trap-filled dungeon adventure, read a few excerpts below, which include paladin options, door descriptions, an adventuring kit, a prestige class, a swarm, and a new trap.

Adventuring Kits

It can be difficult to cover all the bases when packing for a dungeon expedition. A player in a hurry can choose a premade kit of magical and mundane equipment to add to his character's pack. Just find the kit you want below and write the total cost and weight on your character sheet. (Some kits contain expendable items, so you should list each of these items separately on your sheet.) You can then send your PC into the dungeon, confident that he is well equipped for the challenge. Premade adventuring kits do not contain everything a PC might need, but each kit has a good variety of tools to get the job done.

Before adding a premade kit to your character sheet, check with your DM to make sure that your PC can purchase magic items at his current location.

Cleric-in-a-Box Kit

If your party lacks a cleric, or if your cleric focuses on offensive rather than defensive spells, the cleric-in-a-box kit is a fine substitute in an emergency. With potions on hand to heal most ailments, you can march into a dungeon with the peace of mind that relief is never far away.

Item Quantity Cost Weight
Antitoxin 4 200 gp --
Healer's kit 1 50 gp 1/2 lb.
Holy water 4 100 gp 4 lb.
Keoghtom's ointment 1 4,000 gp 1/2 lb
cure moderate wounds 2 600 gp --
lesser restoration 2 600 gp --
remove blindness/deafness 1 750 gp --
remove curse 1 750 gp --
remove paralysis 1 300 gp --
Total 7,350 gp 5 lb.

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