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Foldup Paper Models
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Map Folio 3-D

Inside the Map Folio 3-D, you’ll discover intimidating walls, comfortable cottages, a bustling smithy, and other three-dimensional structures. The buildings for this accessory for the D&D game were originally developed for the Foldup Paper Models web feature. The accessory provides a small village of highly detailed cardstock buildings, walls, and other structures for you to assemble and use in any game.

Scaled for use with Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures, each building may be used individually or combined with others to create a virtually limitless array of towns and other settlements. Full-color exteriors enhance your game and capture your players’ imagination, while black-and-white interiors allow characters to fully explore each model.

Once you've constructed the beautiful models in the accessory, supplement them with the do-it-yourself buildings from the original web feature below.

Foldup Instructions

Want great terrain but have a tight budget? Enjoy putting together kits or crafts? Like showing off a gorgeous result that doesn't require a large investment in supplies? Paper modeling might be just what you're looking for.

Tower, Intact and Ruined

This tower design is a typical fortification for a small fortress or castle. To make such a castle, combine two or more of these with the upcoming wall section. The tower can also be used as a stand- alone piece for a guard post or a wizard's tower.

Woodsman's Hut, Intact and Ruined

This model building can be used as a stand alone in a woodland setting, or it could be one of several in a small hamlet inhabited by farm workers or peasants. Another possibility is to place several huts outside the city walls to represent small settlements that remain unprotected by the castle guard.

A Rustic Bridge for All Seasons

This sturdy stone-and-wood bridge can be used as-is to cross a small creek or stream that's part of the local terrain. The design is modular, so if you need to span a large river, just add extra segments during construction until it's the desired length.

Choose the foundation with wrought-iron gates (page 3) -- perhaps hiding the lair of the bridge's fell guardian -- to make the bridge part of the urban landscape. For more rural skirmishes, try the ivy- and moss-covered version (page 4). You could use either option to span a waterway leading into a walled city, or to cross the moat around a local overlord's castle. Or better yet -- try them all!


This month we feature a model of an old mausoleum. This sturdy crypt, built of stone and iron, has grown worn from years of weathering. Protected by Ahmut's Legion, what treasures does it hide? Burial treasures sacred to Ravilla, or arcane secrets of Nerull's cult? Perhaps a secret entrance to an underground catacomb...?

The first four pages of this model form the building's exterior, with a separate fifth page for the ruined interior walls. Labels on each page make the structure easier than ever to build. Use multiple copies of the old mausoleum along with the ruined walls in Foldup Paper Models Set 3 to create a larger, haunted graveyard setting. That is...if you are brave enough to download!

Gothic Graveyard

Now that you have a mausoleum, make your spooky setting complete this month with an atmospheric cemetery. The cool Gothic look of this graveyard's gate makes the members of Ahmut's Legion feel right at home -- and everyone else feel distinctly uneasy. Wrought-iron-reinforced stonework makes for a sturdy wall to slow down invaders from other factions.

This foldup model terrain includes walls, a gate, and grave markers. Depending on the needs of your game, you can create an intimate graveyard or an extensive one by printing out as many pages as you need. Or build a paper necropolis by combining this set with several mausoleums from Set 6.

Town Tavern

After a hard day of battle, it's time to kick up your boots! This local tavern seems like a nice safe place to toss back a few...or is it?

This fun-to-build foldup kit is designed to join up with the "Medieval Inn" foldup in Set 11.The large, moss-covered structure is full of weathered Old World character. Sit back in one of its many cozy booths by the fire to recuperate and go over your strategies for your next battle!

Rural Church

It's getting late, it's very dark, and dangerous creatures are stirring in the nearby woods. You see the comforting glow of an oil lamp illuminating the windows of a rural church in the distance -- just the sanctuary you need to sleep without fear. The church's cleric may also be help with any questions you may have about the local area. What a relief!

Three-Story City Wall

This utilitarian three-story city wall section isn't flashy, but its inherent medieval charm and flexible design make it a fundamental building block in a great number of configurations of terrain. Use it to surround your growing foldup terrain city or provide and obstacle for your gaming group to conquer.

Long, Half-Timbered Building

This customizable long, low, half-timbered building provides additional shelter or storage for people or goods. This foldup model is also a fundamental building block structure, and its flexible length lets you size it to fit wherever you'd like to add an additional substructure along a city wall or other building piece.

Half Turret and Short Wall

This month, we offer two easy-to-assemble specialty detail foldups to add to your castle wall and residential areas. The half turret fortifies your castle wall and can be added at any along it in a symmetrical fashion or a less symmetrical one to simulate the more organic look of real-world castles. It also makes a nice addition on either side of a gatehouse entry into a castle. The short residential wall sections, our second offering, can be used to divide up a village or city residential neighborhood. They keep the riffraff out of your noble quarter, or you can use them to create a narrow and dangerous alley.

Timber Hoarding

Defend your castle with one or more of these hoardings atop your castle walls. Hoardings are fortifications that provide a great advantage against intruders attacking the walls from below. Historically, hot oil, boiling water, rocks, and more were dropped from behind these siege structures. This customizable long, timber hoarding provides shelter for defenders or during a siege while allowing them to turn the tables on attackers at the base of a wall.

Cobblestone Roads, Dirt Roads, and Wood Textures

Two kinds of streets, cobblestone or dirt, evoke the medieval feel of the foldup models we offer, so this month we give you a selection of geomorphic tiles to makes some roads from. In addition, if you like to customize your building models, you'll appreciate the sheet of five different wood textures to apply to our buildings we've also included. Take the planks and create different accents, tonal sections, and trim on the standard versions of our models.


One common feature to medieval castle complexes and walled towns is the gatehouse. We offer one with two raiseable portcullises. Its two stone towers have a crenellated, flat roof that spans them. We also include a ruined version.

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