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Following up on the D&D Adventure Hook Generator, here's a specialized tool for the busy Realms DM looking for something quick and new to spark an idea for a night's game. Our Forgotten Realms Adventure Hook Generator uses a number of preset variables to develop an adventure hook or starting idea for you. Remember, this is just a start -- it's up to you to turn the adventure hook into a game your players will remember.

You create an adventure idea for your campaign's general locale by clicking the appropriate geographic link below. (After all, it'd hardly make sense for the Simbul to approach you in a Waterdeep tavern to send you on a mission in the sewers of Calimport looking for the Staff of Silverymoon...) You may need to adjust the wording slightly to use the result as a springboard into your adventure. For instance, you might want to add Realms place names, replace generic titles with specifics, or introduce the names of NPCs the player characters have met or know of by reputation.

Remember -- this is a random generation program. It can create classic situations as easily as it can generate some wildly unexpected ideas. Also, not all elements of the resulting adventure idea will refer to specific Realms names or NPCs. This is merely an origin point; as the DM, you still need to flesh it out and work some of your own personal magic on it. Or, if you don't like the idea that comes up, just try the generator again. Who knows? The results could lead to some of your most memorable games.

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About the Author

Born in Wisconsin in 1967, Steven Schend fell into the world of fantasy quite quickly, growing up on L. Frank Baum's Oz books and Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan and Barsoom novels. From 1990 to this year, Steven has been with TSR/Wizards of the Coast. He began his career as an editor and worked on a multitude of projects including the D&D Cyclopedia. By 1994 he had found his home as a designer in the Forgotten Realms. and he's enjoyed swapping tall tales with Elminster and company ever since, as well as his recent entry into the science fiction worlds of the Alternity game system and the wild game world of Marvel Comics. Steven has written more than 50 game products and magazine articles, as well as one published short story, though he now makes vague attempts at playwriting and screenplays as well.

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