City of the Spider Queen Maps

As a special treat for Underdark adventurers, we're offering a look at all the maps from the new City of the Spider Queen epic adventure. We've removed the room labels from them, so Dungeon Masters can use them as player handouts without giving too much away!

In addition to using them with City of the Spider Queen, let this array of dark-elf themed maps inspire countless other adventures as well. Labyrinths of webs, Underdark tunnels, below-ground lakes and rivers, subterranean fortresses and towns -- it's all here waiting for you in these high-quality jpegs, expertly drawn by veteran D&D cartographer Dennis Kauth.

Map 1
(368k JPG)
Map 2
(348k JPG)
Map 3
(350k JPG)
Map 4
(366k JPG)
Map 5
(354k JPG)
Map 6
(283k JPG)

Map 7

(351k JPG)

Map 8

(367k JPG)
Map 9
(344k JPG)
Map 10
(369k JPG)
Map 11
(391k JPG)

Map 12
(376k JPG)

Map 13
(356k JPG)

Map 14
(355k JPG)
Map 15
(322k JPG)
Map 16
(324k JPG)

Download all maps (5.6mb ZIP)

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