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Almost every person or race of Faerûn marks the passage of days, seasons, and even years in some fashion. Most of Faerûn uses the Calendar of Harptos, named after the long-dead wizard who invented it. Few bother to refer to Harptos by name, however, since the calendar is the only calendar they know.

The following launches the Forgotten Realms Calendar Tool -- chronicling the complete cycle of days (with important holidays and Shieldmeet "leap days" included), phases of the moon -- and even names of all years in their complete and accurate form.

The naming of the years is not random, nor does it necessarily commemorate any great event or occurrence. Many centuries ago, the Lost Sage Augathra the Mad wrote out thousands of years and named them in the great library of Candlekeep. It's a rare year that doesn't see some event that seems clearly connected with its name, and most folks view Augathra's names as mysterious portents of the years ahead.

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Download the Calendar Tool Version 1.0 now (92k ZIP) unzip it into a directory on your machine and run the "index.htm" file in your web browser to use the utility off-line. Runs best in Internet Explorer 6 on Windows and Safari on Mac systems. The note editor and customizable notes only work with the downloadable version.

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