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Magic Items of the Sky
(The Hidden Realm Above)

Cloudpost - Martina PilcerovaUnlike most other remote terrains, the hidden realm above has relatively few native civilizations to call its own. With the exception of the odd cloud-based castle, most of this realm's inhabitants are simply too bestial or alien to form societies as terrestrial creatures know it. As a result, explorers in the hidden realm above don't often return with unusual magic items to show for the efforts of their exploration. Far and above the majority of items associated with this realm come from those from the ground who have made it their path in life to explore its reaches. The magic items presented here represent a small selection of the wondrous items and magic devices developed for this environment.

Cloud Cloak: A cloud cloak is a wispy white cloak that seems almost to be made of mist. When worn about the shoulders, it wreathes the wearer in a fine, cool mist that protects him from the extremes of temperature as if he were under the effects of endure elements.

In addition, the wearer of a cloud cloak can see through mist and fog with ease. Creatures never gain concealment from the wearer under such conditions. The wearer can also move through all types of clouds with ease, with no penalty to his movement rate. Solid fog, acid fog, and similar spells do not impede his movement, although if the spell also does damage or has some other effect, that effect still occurs as normal.

Moderate abjuration; CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Item, endure elements, freedom of movement, true seeing; Price 31,500 gp; Weight 1 lb.

Gauntlet of the Vortex: A mithral gauntlet of the vortex is fashioned so that swirling patterns of spirals and vortices coil over its every surface. When worn, the air around the gauntlet shimmers, and its wearer constantly seems to be standing in a brisk breeze since her hair and clothing flutter and dance about. The gauntlet's basic function is to serve as a +1 shocking burst gauntlet, but it also has three additional powers.

First, its wearer can call upon the gauntlet to create a gust of wind at will.

Second, whenever the wearer critically hits a creature with the gauntlet, it unleashes a powerful blast of wind against the creature struck. This wind blast manifests even if the creature struck is normally immune to additional damage from critical hits; the effects are not considered damage, and thus they affect such creatures in the same way they affect anything else. This blast of wind is hurricane force, but it affects only the creature struck. This creature must make a DC 20 Fortitude save to resist the wind. A Medium or smaller creature is blown away; creatures on the ground are knocked down and roll 1d4x10 feet, taking 1d4 points of nonlethal damage per 10 feet. A flying creature that is blown away is blown back 2d6x10 feet and takes 2d6 points of nonlethal damage due to battering and buffering. Large creatures that fail to resist are merely knocked down. Huge creatures are checked, and cannot approach any closer to the wearer for the remainder of the turn. Flying creatures are treated as one size category smaller than their actual size for purposes of determining the effects of a failed save.

Finally, the wearer can use the gauntlet to create a whirlwind, as the spell of the same name, once per day.

Strong evocation; CL 15th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, call lightning or lightning bolt, gust of wind, whirlwind; Price 110,500 gp; Cost 55,500 gp + 4,420 XP.

Ring of Weatherproofing: The plain silver ring of weatherproofing grants the wearer incredible defense against wind and lightning. The ring of weatherproofing protects its wearer with a constant endure elements effect as well as electricity resistance 20. More impressively, the wearer is immune to the effects of high wind; he never need make a Fortitude save to avoid being checked, knocked down, or blown away. Likewise, the character can make ranged weapon attacks without modification, although his ranged attacks immediately become susceptible to any ambient wind effects once they travel beyond the first range increment.

A character who wears a ring of weather proofing gains a +2 resistance bonus on all saving throws made against effects caused by weather, magical or otherwise.

Moderate abjuration; CL 12th; Forge Ring, endure elements, protection from elements, resistance; Price 76,500 gp.

Rod of Vapor Control: The rod of vapor control is formed from pale blue crystal that seems to be hollow, and within it drifts a pale white mist. The wielder of a rod of vapor control can use the device to manipulate clouds, mists, fogs, and even gaseous creatures by merely aiming the rod at the target and concentrating. All of the rod's effects are manifested as a standard action.

The most minor use of a rod of vapor control is to create a fog cloud; this power may be used at will.

If used against a cloud or vapor, the owner can affect a 20-foot diameter sphere at a time. He can choose to decrease the opacity of the mist to an extent that it no longer confers concealment in this area, or he can increase it to such an extent that it provides total concealment. He can also alter the substance of extant nonmagical vapor by transforming the vapor in the affected 20-foot sphere into a solid fog, as the spell of the same name. The solid fog effect can be used up to three times a day while the negation of concealment effect can be used at will.

The user can also use a rod of vapor control to reshape the area of any cloud-based spell, as if it had the Shapeable quality. If he attempts to shape a cloud-based spell cast by another caster, he must first make a successful level check (DC = 10 + the spell's caster level).

Finally, you can use a rod of vapor control to control the movements of creatures in gaseous form. This includes creatures with bodies that are gaseous, such as belkers and air elementals. You can target any one such creature within 30 feet of you; the creature can resist this control with a successful Will save (DC 18). Failure indicates you can force the creature to remain motionless, or you can force it to move at a flyspeed of 30 feet (good maneuverability). Control over a gaseous creature lasts as long as you concentrate, or up to 1 minute. A creature that is controlled is considered flat-footed and cannot move on its own, but is otherwise in full control of its body, and can attack, cast spells, or otherwise take actions. You can activate this power up to three times per day.

As long as you are carrying a rod of vapor control, you gain a +4 resistance bonus on all saving throws against gaseous effects and cloud-based spells.

Strong transmutation; CL 12th; Craft Rod, control weather, fog cloud, solid fog; Price 96,000 gp.

Thunder Armor: Although when the user is not wearing the full plate armor suit called thunder armor it seems old and somewhat dilapidated, the armor is anything but mundane in appearance once donned. At this time, the dull gray metal begins to seethe and flow, growing transparent and wispy like thick gray mist. At times, the armor seems to fade away completely, while at others it seems as solid as the strongest suit of plate. Every once in a while, tiny fingers of lightning arc through the cloudy metal.

Thunder armor functions as a suit of +2 electricity resistance full plate, yet it also carries three additional qualities that make it much sought after by those who would explore the vast gulfs of the skies above. First, it allows the wearer to fly at a speed of 40 feet, with good maneuverability. Second, when the wearer enters any sort of cloud, fog, or mist (including that generated by magic, such as obscuring mist or fog cloud), the armor's enhancement bonus increases to +4 and its electricity resistance increases to improved electricity resistance (electricity resistance 20). Finally, once per day, the wearer may cast call lightning. When she does so, the lightning and clouds of her armor darken and roil, and any bolts called forth emanate from the armor rather than from above. The spell manifests at caster level 10, so the user may call up to ten bolts over the course of 10 minutes once this power is activated. Each bolt deals 3d10 points of electricity damage on a hit (Reflex DC 14 halves).

Thunder armor is much lighter than normal full plate. It is treated as medium armor. Spell failure chances for thunder armor are decreased by 10%, or by 20% if the spell being cast has the air or electricity descriptor. Maximum Dexterity bonus is increased by 2 and armor check penalties are lessened by 3 (to a minimum of 0).

Moderate abjuration; CL 10th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, call lightning,resist energy; Price 114,500 gp.

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