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New Feats from Libris Mortis

Corpsecrafter [General]

Undead you raise or create are tougher than normal.

Benefit: Each undead you raise or create with any necromancy spell gains a +4 enhancement bonus to Strength and +2 bonus hit points per Hit Die.

Bolster Resistance [General]

Undead you raise or create are more resistant to turning than normal.

Prerequisite: Corpsecrafter.

Benefit: Each undead you raise or create with any necromancy spell gains +4 turn resistance.

Positive Energy Resistance [Monstrous]

You are resistant to the damage dealt by positive energy effects.

Prerequisite: Undead type.

Benefit: You gain resistance 10 to positive energy effects, such as cure wounds spells.

Profane Lifeleech [Divine]

You can channel negative energy to draw the life force from nearby living creatures.

Prerequisite: Ability to rebuke undead.

Benefit: As a standard action, you can spend two of your rebuke attempts to deal 1d6 points of damage to all living creatures within a 30-foot burst. This effect can't reduce any creature's hit point total to less than 0. You are healed for a number of hit points equal to the total amount of hit points that you drain from affected creatures, but this healing does not allow you to exceed your current maximum hit point total.

Special: This feat deals no damage to constructs or undead.

Enduring Life [General]

You can ignore the effect of negative levels for a short time.

Benefit: Whenever you would take a negative level, you can ignore the penalties and other ill effects associated with that negative level for a number of minutes equal to your Con bonus (if any). For example, if Tordek (Con 15) is struck by a wight, he gains one negative level. However, he can ignore the -1 penalty to attacks, saves, ability checks, and skill checks associated with that negative level for 2 minutes, since his Con bonus is +2. (If Tordek were a spellcaster, he'd also avoid losing a spell slot for 2 minutes.)

You also gain a +4 bonus on Fortitude saves to remove negative levels.

Lasting Life [General]

You can shed negative levels with an act of will.

Prerequisites: Endurance, Enduring Life.

Benefit: Once per round as a standard action, you can attempt to purge a negative level by attempting a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 attacker's HD + attacker's Cha modifier). If the saving throw succeeds, the negative level goes away. You make a separate saving throw for each negative level you have gained. If the save fails, you retain the negative level, but you can try again later to purge it.

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