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University District

District Type: University

Buildings: University buildings -- instruction and faculty offices (15), library (5), temple (Aureon), shrine (Path of Light), upscale lodging (20), upscale food (30), upscale (literary) trades -- booksellers, stationers, mapsellers, seal makers, etc. (50), upscale (literary) services -- scribe, sage, translator, cartographer, etc. (38), dormitories (20), upscale residences (100).

First Impression: Students carrying armloads of scrolls and books hustle to their classes, while others sit or stand in circles, discussing the day's lessons.

Social Class: Upper class.

The home of Morgrave University, the University District is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge -- while making as much profit as possible. From Morgrave itself to the businesses that have sprung up around it, love of learning coexists with love of earning and the two feed happily off of each other. If scholarly interest can lead to great profit, or thirst for money lead to historical discovery, then the residents of the University District can be satisfied.

The university itself is fully detailed in the Eberron Campaign Setting.

Art Temple: One of Upper Menthis' four main theaters, the Art Temple is known for cutting-edge, avant-garde plays. It has no resident playwright, but solicits submissions from across Khorvaire, though most of its productions are penned by residents of Sharn. Its owner, Cassa Faer (N female elf Exp 3) prides herself on discovering new talent, but she definitely gives preferential treatment to her personal acquaintances, and tends to become romantically involved with each new playwright whose play she produces.

The Commons: Pleasantly situated atop Dalannan Tower, the Commons is a large open-air plaza with a commanding view of the neighboring towers and lower reaches of the city. Every morning, vendors wheel their carts up to the Commons and offer a mouth-watering variety of food from a dozen different cuisines, from Karrn'ish sausage to Talentan kebabs. The offerings are hardly haute cuisine, but they are authentic and generally delicious.

Dezina Museum of Antiquities: Home to the finest collection of artifacts from Xen'drik in the world, the Dezina Museum is part of Morgrave University. Its collection would be even more impressive were it not for the strong tendency to sell valuable artifacts rather than put them on display, not to mention a steady stream of items that are stolen from the museum. More interesting (at least to some) than the museum's displayed collection are its vaults, vast rooms below the publicly accessible areas of the museum containing unopened crates of items waiting to be cataloged, shelves of artifacts deemed too uninteresting to display, and a few secret rooms holding items too important or dangerous to put on display.

Grand Stage: Another of the important theaters in Upper Menthis, the Grand Stage is generally considered conservative and traditional in its repertoire, which includes a mixture of classic works (such as the well-beloved The Changeling's Prophecy by the ancient playwright Duthic Olan, which appears on the Grand Stage's docket every two to three years) and more modern plays echoing the style and conventions of the classics. This is not the place to see avant-garde productions that wrestle with existential concerns in the wake of the Last War, but rather a bastion of the great cultural heritage of Galifar.

Great Hall of Aureon: The grand temple to the god of knowledge at Morgrave University is an architectural marvel as well as a sacred site often visited by pilgrims. Scholars, scientists and artificers, and any others who seek knowledge come to the Great Hall and spend the night, trusting that inspiration will come to them while they sleep on the marble floor of the majestic temple. Some of Breland's greatest minds through the ages have sworn that the moment of inspiration struck during the morning after sleeping in the Great Hall. Merrix d'Cannith (the grandfather of the current head of House Cannith in Sharn) is said to have attributed the invention of living constructs (the first warforged) to his week-long stay in the Great Hall of Aureon.

At a slightly less dramatic level, the Great Hall is also a fine place to come in search of an expert in virtually any field. The temple staff represent the broad spectrum of scientific study, and if they do not know the answer to a question they can almost certainly find someone who does. The ordained clergy of the Great Hall include experts, wizard/loremasters, and bards as well as characters with the cleric class, and their position in the hierarchy of the temple has nothing to do with their character class.

While the Great Hall certainly includes a fine selection of great sages, it is not a library and cannot hope to rival the collections of books held elsewhere in Upper Menthis, particularly at the Morgrave University library.

Kavarrah Concert Hall: This grand auditorium near the university hosts the finest musical performances in Sharn. Residents of Upper Central, Upper Northedge, and Upper Menthis's Platinate district attend performances in Kavarrah dressed in their finest glamerweave garments, often arriving by skycoach from restaurants in Skyway.

Morgrave University Library: Centrally located on the University campus near the top of Dalannan Tower (just below the Commons), the Morgrave University library is the most extensive library in all of Breland. It pales in comparison to the great library at Korranberg, but a significant number of Zil expatriates live in Den'iyas and work to make the Morgrave library the best resource it can be to the library community and the city as a whole.

History is clearly a specialty of the university, and characters using the Morgrave library for research into the history of Sharn or Xen'drik gain a +6 circumstance bonus on their Knowledge (history) checks. The library offers a +4 circumstance bonus on Knowledge (history) checks related to other areas and on Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (dungeoneering), and Knowledge (geography) checks. For all other Knowledge checks, the library provides a +2 circumstance bonus.

Characters without a formal tie to Morgrave University must pay a library use fee of 1 gp per day to conduct research at the library.

Haftak's Books and Binding: Haftak ir'Clarn (M human Ari 2/Exp 1) runs this bookstore and bindery, and uses its facilities to publish the Sharn Inquisitive, the city's local chronicle. A minor member of one of Breland's noble families, Haftak has a prominent cousin in the parliament and a significant fortune to his name, which allowed him to start the Inquisitive as a sideline to his marginally profitable main business.

Sharn Opera House: Breland has a long heritage of operatic composition, and the Sharn Opera House is committed to regular performance of classic Brelish works as well as newer material from across Khorvaire. The opera house is a grand auditorium in Ghannad Spire with comfortable seating for 3,000 people. Similar to the Kavarrah Concert Hall, attending a performance in the Sharn Opera is usually a very formal outing for residents of the city's wealthier districts, but the opera house also offers standing-room galleries with much more affordable ticket prices.

Shava House: Shava House is a small academic community on the campus of Morgrave University. Originally nothing more than a housing unit for professors with no families, it has developed into more of an intentional community: the residents share common meals, heavily laden with academic discourse, and generally share a common interest in the history of Xen'drik. An unassuming member of this little commune is Tala Karrna -- a friendly young scholar, active in planning expeditions to Xen'drik, and a spy for the Order of the Emerald Claw.

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