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Ghostfolly's Gloves

The wearer of Ghostfolly's Gloves is superbly garbed for missions of infiltration. Ghostfolly's Gloves are a pair of fine gloves crafted from studded leather. The garments are long, covering the wearer's entire forearm, and they were made from the skin of a great hart.

Nonlegacy Game Statistics:Gloves of protection +1; Cost 2,035 gp; Weight --.

Omen: The gloves always stylishly match whatever you're wearing, and they don't leave marks on anything you touch.


Ghostfolly's Gloves were originally the valued possession of a half-elf socialite named Elkarion Swift, who was well known for wearing her studded leather gloves to every social function she attended. Indeed, people began to think that either she couldn't take them off or her hands were horribly scarred. Elkarion lightheartedly deflected these rumors, making any inquiries about the gloves seem like invasions of her privacy, which mortified the questioner while amusing witnesses of the exchange. (DC 15)

Elkarion took great pains to accessorize her wardrobe with the bold leather gloves. In fact, she was so successful that new fashions began to emulate her style. Eventually, every wealthy woman was wearing studded gloves with her finest outfits. Nobody bothered to question the fashion after it became trendy. Thus, Elkarion was able to successfully deflect attention away from the real purpose of Ghostfolly's Gloves -- to aid her in spying on the most influential leaders of the coastal borderlands. (DC 20; Test of Tenaciousness)

Elkarion was the agent of a resistance cell made up of citizens from a nearby nation. Ever since the coastal people had conquered Elkarion's homeland and enslaved her fellow citizens, the half-elf had used her exotic heritage and beauty to become the primary source of information for the resistance. During this time, Elkarion was invited to parties in the homes of countless military decision-makers. Inside these places, she gathered what intelligence she could and conveyed the information back to her own commander. The more Elkarion engaged in this espionage, the more chances she took, eventually awakening the innate abilities of Ghostfolly's Gloves.(DC 25; Unbarring the Barrier)

For a decade, the information Elkarion provided to the underground resistance allowed them to ambush, sabotage, and weaken the military infrastructure of their conquerors. Elkarion had become a spy of the highest order, but not without relying heavily on Ghostfolly's Gloves to advance her cause. Unfortunately, the rebellion was too successful. Word spread to hostile neighboring kingdoms that the coastal borderlands were feeble. The attack came by sea. Elkarion's people were used as the front line of defense, while the aristocracy fled like cowards. The half-elf spy was devastated. Not only were the coastal borderlands defeated, but her people were also slaughtered defending them. Despite all she had done, Elkarion blamed herself for the loss and took her own life. The whereabouts of her gloves have long been a mystery. (DC 30; Mind Against Mechanism)

Legacy Rituals

Three rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of Ghostfolly's Gloves.

Test of Tenaciousness: You have to take something from three different strangers, without them noticing, using Sleight of Hand. If even one of these Sleight of Hand checks fails, or a creature notices even one attempt, the ritual is unsuccessful. Cost: 3,700 gp. Feat Granted: Least Legacy (Ghostfolly's Gloves).

Unbarring the Barrier: You must successfully open an average lock (Open Lock DC 25). The task must be accomplished without a set of thieves' tools and in a place where you are clearly trespassing. Cost: 12,000 gp. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (Ghostfolly's Gloves).

Mind Against Mechanism: You are required to use a Disable Device check to figure out and bypass a difficult trap (DC 20 or higher -- you must beat the DC by 10).Cost: 40,000 gp. Feat Granted: Greater Legacy (Ghostfolly's Gloves).

Wielder Requirements

Most wearers of Ghostfolly's Gloves are bards or rogues, although any character specializing in espionage might consider wearing them.

Ghostfolly's Gloves Wielder Requirements

Disable Device 2 ranks
Open Lock 2 ranks
Sleight of Hand 2 ranks

Table 3-24: Ghostfolly's Gloves

-----------Personal Costs-------------
Hit Point
Skill Point
5th -- -- -- -- Aura of normalcy, cat's claws
6th -1 -- 2 4 --
7th -- -1 -- -- Gloves of protection +2
8th -- -- -- -- Palms of holding
9th -- -- -- 2 Snatch the key at will
10th -- -- 2 -- Sleep touch
11th -- -- -- -- Gloves of protection +3
12th -- -- -- 2 Automatic writing
13th -2 -- -- -- --
14th -- -- 2 -- Gloves of protection +4
15th -- -- -- 2 Cat's claws +1
16th -- -2 -- -- Catfall
17th -- -- -- -- Gloves of protection +5
18th -- -- 2 2 Forgetful touch
19th -- -3 -- 2 Incinerate evidence 1/day
20th -- -- -- 2 Phantom touch

Legacy Item Abilities

All the following are legacy item abilities of Ghostfolly's Gloves.

Aura of Normalcy (Su): Beginning at 5th level, Ghostfolly's Gloves are under the constant effect of a Nystul's magic aura spell. Caster level 5th.

Cat's Claws (Su): At 5th level and higher, you can make a melee attack with Ghostfolly's Gloves, dealing 1d6 points of slashing damage. You are considered armed as long as you have the gloves on and one hand free, and you are considered proficient with the gloves. When you attain 15th level, the gloves gain a +1 enhancement bonus on attack and damage rolls.

Palms of Holding (Su): Starting at 8th level, the palm of each of Ghostfolly's Gloves opens into an extradimensional space that can hold items up to 1 cubic foot in volume and 10 pounds in weight. When you reach into a palm for a specific item, that item is always on top. Storing or retrieving any item from either glove is a move action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Snatch the Key (Sp): At 9th level and higher, at will by pointing a finger at an object, you can use mage hand as the spell. Caster level 5th.

Sleep Touch (Su): Starting at 10th level, once per day you can subject an opponent to a deep slumber spell if you make successful touch attack against it. The save DC is 14, or 13 + your Charisma modifier, whichever is higher. Caster level 5th.

Automatic Writing (Su): When you are 12th level and higher, Ghostfolly's Gloves can store one page of nonmagical writing or a similarly sized illustration (such as a map) per glove, new information replacing any previously stored data. You store a page by passing a gloved hand over it as a standard action. Each glove can store one such piece of information for an indefinite length of time. The gloves can then be set down and commanded to rewrite or redraw the information they store. You gain a +10 bonus on Forgery checks related to recreating the stored documents.

Catfall (Su): Beginning at 16th level, Ghostfolly's Gloves protect you as the feather fall spell, activated immediately if you fall more than 5 feet. Caster level 5th.

Forgetful Touch (Su): At 18th level and higher, three times per day, you can make a melee touch attack to subject a creature to the effect of a modify memory spell. The save DC is 16, or 14 + your Charisma modifier, whichever is higher. Caster level 15th.

Incinerate Evidence (Sp): Starting at 19th level, once per day on command, you can use delayed blast fireball as the spell.The save DC is 20, or 17 + your Charisma modifier, whichever is higher. Caster level 15th.

Phantom Touch (Su): At 20th level and higher, you can create a phase door, as the spell, by touching a surface with one of Ghostfolly's Gloves The phase door is 20 feet deep and persists for 1 minute. Caster level 15th.

Adventure Seed (EL 7)

A pale half-elf woman appears to the characters while they walk through the city on a foggy night. Her long hair blows in a nonexistent wind. She appears translucent and speaks in a distant, hollow voice. "That's not how they should be used," she rasps. The phantom then points to the second story of an adjacent house, where an ominous figure moves around in the dark near a window -- a cat burglar. Anybody watching the apparition sees her fade away, while those who were not looking think she simply disappears. Inspection shows evidence that the house's door has been forcibly entered. If the town guards are alerted, the burglar escapes across the rooftops.

The Adventure Seed section continues with a stat block for the mysterious cat burglar, a map of the house-to-be-burgled, notes about the house's interior, a tactical brief on how the burglar will react to intrusion/interference by PCs, and guidelines for what happens if you have to roll those old initiative dice.

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