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What Are D&D Miniatures?

The D&D Miniatures line features hundreds of ready-to-play miniatures from the Dungeons & Dragons universe. You'll find heroes, villains, and monsters of all descriptions. You can play out furious battles, add the miniatures to your roleplaying sessions, or trade and collect the miniatures set by set.


Miniatures represent heroes and monsters: warriors, wizards, dragons, demons, ferocious beasts, and terrifying undead. Each miniature is at 30mm scale. They range in size from Tiny to Huge. All are fully assembled and painted. Here are some samples, but you can see the entire range in the gallery.

Medium Huge Small Large

Stat Cards

Each miniature comes with a two-sided stat card.

Skirmish: One side has the creature's description for skirmish combat. Each creature's strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities are spelled out. Some miniatures are champions, and they improve the fighting ability of the other creatures in their warbands.

Roleplaying: The other side of the stat card has the creature's description for D&D roleplaying. You can drop these creatures right into your next D&D roleplaying session.

Epic: Some figures have Epic stats. These are very powerful creatures that are especially useful in high-level games.

D&D Miniatures Starter Set

The Starter Set gives you everything you need to play fast, challenging skirmish battles. You get 5miniatures, a stat card for each miniature, two double-sided battle maps, a 20-sided die (d20), damage counters, and the Battle Rules booklet. Special hints for beginners get you playing quickly.

D&D Miniatures Expansion Packs

Each D&D Miniatures Expansion Pack includes eight random miniatures and their stat cards. Use them to build bigger and better warbands, or add them to you D&D roleplaying sessions.

Expansion packs support these sets of miniatures:

D&D Miniatures Icons

This exciting range of massive monsters features the most iconic Dungeons & Dragons creatures.

With claws and scales and beating wings, with powerful breath weapons of fire, acid, and lightning, few opponents can match the ferocity or evil of these terrifying dragons. Produced in limited quantities, they are premium figures available for only a limited time after each release.

Each iconic dragon comes with

  • One pre-painted dragon on either a gargantuan (4"x4") or colossal (6"x6") base;
  • an over-sized, double-sided stat card;
  • a playable encounter; and
  • a full-color poster map of the dragon's battleground.

D&D Miniatures Huge Pack

In addition to the eight miniatures you get in an expansion pack, a Huge pack gives you a super-size miniature. Dominate the battlefield or threaten player-characters with dragons, giants, and more.

Huge packs support three sets of miniatures:

D&D Dungeon Tiles Packs

Dungeon Tiles are the perfect accessory for your 3D D&D RPG adventures. Each set comes with six sheets of durable, double-sided, fully illustrated dungeon grids that separate into dozens of rooms, corridors, doors, magic circles, stairs, and other arcane, mysterious dungeon features. All are scaled and gridded to match perfectly with D&D miniatures!

Dungeon Tiles packs

D&D Miniatures Fantastic Locations Map Packs

Each Fantastic Locations map pack contains two beautifully illustrated, double-sided battle maps scaled for D&D Miniatures. These maps make ideal battlegrounds for skirmish play. New terrain types and rules for playing on them are included. Each map set also comes with an encounter booklet that includes role-playing encounters for the D&D role-playing game.

Fantastic Locations map packs

Organized Play

For the ultimate miniatures experience, join the organized play system that Wizards of the Coast runs. The RPGA runs challenging D&D roleplaying events using miniatures for characters and monsters. DCI offers the excitement of head-to-head tournaments and leagues, with players pitting warbands against each other in epic struggles for supremacy. Between them, Wizards of the Coast provides retailers with all necessary materials for running leagues and tournaments within their stores -- even special prizes!

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