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Apartment 3-CG
(Aberrations Preview 6)

One great thing about Chaotic Good: there's no telling what types of crazy kats are going to end up dancing together under its big tent. The three rare Chaotic Good minis we're previewing today are an eclectic group of high-level adventurers with extremely different methods for Getting It Done. Put them together and you have either an extremely fun PC party or the nucleus of a kick-butt CG warband.

Adventuring Wizard


The picture doesn't do this guy justice. What's missing is the back view with his starry cloak in full glory. The stats on the RPG side of his card set him up as a 7th-level spellcaster, loaded with spells that could be a big problem for PCs who cross him. I expect to encounter him even more often inside PC groups, because I'm guessing many players will choose this guy as their character.


Like some of the other Chaotic Good spellcasters, the Adventuring Wizard is something of a glass cannon. He has one big damage spell, a couple of empowered magic missiles, and a couple spells that help him team up well with heavy hitters like the ...

Frenzied Berserker


If the Adventuring Wizard is a glass cannon, the Frenzied Berserker is a flaming pinwheel. She's guaranteed to leave a path of destruction, hitting for more melee damage than any other CG creature. The swath of destruction inevitably ends with her death, because her pumped-up frenzy makes her take 5 damage whenever she activates.


You can find the Frenzied Berserker prestige class on page 35 of Complete Warrior. We liked the original Ron Spencer illustration so much that we chose the Frenzied Berserker as the cover character for the set 5 Starter Box.

When it came time to make the mini, we had to make one alteration from Ron Spencer's illustration. Why? Because one point of contact with the base, a single toe, isn't enough to make a plastic mini stand up straight. We added a cloak to preserve the dynamic pose.

Crow Shaman


I wrote the original art description asking for a blend of Northwest Coast native American dress and the 3.0+ D&D look. Des Hanley, the concept artist, delivered wonderfully, and our sculptors translated Des's concept into one of the most striking minis in the set. Again, I believe the photo you're seeing doesn't fully do the mini justice. It's just the limitation of two-dimensional photography.

The Crow Shaman is a 5th-level spirit shaman, an exceedingly cool class from Complete Divine. Spirit shamans cast druidic spells but cast them on the fly like sorcerers. They can chastise and control spirits, defined as elementals, incorporeal beings, and fey. What works as a spirit shaman can also work as a druid, barbarian, or even a sorcerer.


The Crow Shaman flies in quick bursts, one turn at a time, twice a game, courtesy of a couple of swift fly spells. The Crow Shaman heals damage, maybe even enough to prolong the Frenzied Berserker's burn for another turn of the pinwheel. The Crow Shaman boosts ranged attackers with cat's grace, the spell that conveniently also adds +2 AC to anyone, ranged attacker or no. Best of all, the Crow Shaman is capable of casting snake's swiftness up to four times. That's four more attacks with your most powerful melee or ranged attackers, so long as they're the ally closest to the Shaman.

Who are the evil bad guys these Chaotic Good heavy hitters will be cutting down in droves? Tune in next week for "Common Curs."

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Rob Heinsoo started playing D&D with the original brown box in 1975. He's now the lead designer of D&D Miniatures.

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