D&D Miniatures10/07/2004

Acid & Ice
(Aberrations Preview 10)

Here are two splendid rare minis to grace your tables.

Green Dragon


With the release of this medium green, we've done at least one version of each of the chromatic dragons. This is one of the best, sketched by our ace dragon artist Des Hanley and sculpted in a pose that's unlike our previous dragons.


The Green Dragon doesn't hit for lots of damage but it hits often. It's not difficult to command, and as an agile flyer, it fills a niche that Lawful Evil didn't know it was missing -- Fastest. Lawful. Evil. Creature. Ever.

Ice Troll


Maybe it's the hammer I like most -- the enormous hammer with which to pound non-flat things into flat things. Or maybe it's the freaky blue-ice paint job. I've never used an Ice Troll in a D&D game before but I will now.

Unlike their brutal, lowland cousins, Ice Trolls are sophisticated ironworkers. The Ice Troll made this hammer itself. See page 78 of Unapproachable East for a full write-up.

All these months later, I can't remember whether the Ice Troll's appearance is intentionally synchronized with the release of Frostburn or if it's a coincidence. Either way, Frostburn certainly opens lots of doors for the Ice Troll miniature.


Ice Trolls are intelligent, even crafty. They don't cause problems by being Difficult. Like regular trolls, they regenerate, which can lead to interesting tactics when they are pulled out of combat to recover.

Unlike regular trolls, Ice Trolls are damaged severely by acid as well as by fire. After thinking carefully about how we wanted skirmish play to feel, we opted to veer away from D&D's version of energy vulnerability. The Aberrations set introduces the ability we're going to use on most creatures that are vulnerable to specific energy types -- double damage. The Ice Troll takes double damage from Acid and Fire, so one big fire blast can potentially slay it. If the blast doesn't destroy the troll completely, the monster can pull back and regenerate the damage before returning to the fight.

About the Author

Rob Heinsoo started playing D&D with the original brown box in 1975. He's now the lead designer of D&D Miniatures.

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