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Maps & Terrain Tiles

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The terrain tiles for your D&D Miniatures skirmishes shift around for each game but it's always nice to have even more variety. All the terrain tiles and alternate maps that are available online are collected on this page, for your convenience. Check back here for updates as new tiles and maps become available.

Scorched Passage
Hall of Heroes
Egg Chamber
Assembly Tile 5
Assembly Tile 6
Creeping Tangle
Audience Chamber
Broken Wall
Medusa's Chamber
Mushroom Tangle
Shrine of Justice
Shrine of Slaughter
Frostburn Razor Drifts

Tiles will hold up better if you print them on cardstock rather than paper. If you don't have blank cardstock at home, you can have them printed at your local quick-print shop. Otherwise, print the tiles on paper and then glue them to a piece of card or even an extra terrain tile from a starter set. For best results, glue them down with spray adhesive or rubber cement and trim them to size afterward.

Organized Play Tiles

These tiles were originally created for D&D Miniatures organized play and distributed in retailer kits as part of the D&D Campaigns program. Organized play no longer uses terrain tiles for sanctioned events unless it is a Wizards of the Coast run special event. Please enjoy this downloads for casual play or to enhance your D&D roleplaying games.

Adventure Maps

These maps were created (often from Map-A-Week maps) for specific, short adventures or random dungeons using D&D Miniatures. They are larger than 5" x 8" terrain tiles (some are poster-sized) and aren't legal for tournament play. Don't let that stop you from having loads of fun with them.

Map-A-Week and Other Tiles

These tiles are useful for building up dungeons during your weekly D&D session or for informal skirmishes among friends. Print out a few dozen of each and cover the whole table with 'em!

Fold-Up Paper Models

Want great terrain to go with your D&D Miniatures but have a tight budget? Enjoy putting together kits or crafts? These paper model buildings and walls might be just what you're looking for.

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