D&D Miniatures01/27/2005

Deathknell Preview 6

Those of you who judge a set by its dragons are about to receive your criteria. And yes, these are all rare figures.

Large Blue Dragon


Mat previewed this critter once already. Certainly we've been looking forward to doing a blue dragon larger than the one we put in Dragoneye. Des Hanley, the concept artist, used a rock perch to arrange a slightly different pose from our other big dragons, and I think Des's maneuver worked splendidly.


It's a beating, a fearsome beating. And playable in 100-point games, because it costs less than 70 points.

There's a lot to be said for big dragons that are pure beatsticks, but experience with the Large Blue Dragon is pushing me in a slightly different direction for set 7, Angelfire. Future sets will see interesting developments in dragon land.

Gold Dragon


I was impressed by Ron Spencer's picture of a Gold Dragon on page 142 of Draconomicon. This medium mini followed Ron's vision.


This Gold Dragon is a non-unique creature that can appear in multiples in skirmish warbands. Thanks to the power curve enjoyed by Gold Dragons, this 'little' guy can go toe-to-toe against the Large Blue Dragon in an all-Lawful flurry of claws and teeth. With a speed of 10, the Gold Dragon is one solution to Lawful Good's problems in getting there 'firstest with the mostest.' One Gold Dragon, alone, will often qualify as the mostest.

Zombie White Dragon


Many fans have prognosticated that Deathknell would contain another big dragon ... and that it might be Undead. Sure enough, this creature is adapted from the zombie dragon template that appears in the Draconomicon. We love the fact that you can see where it has pieces missing.


The Zombie White Dragon is an interesting blend of problems and advantages. On the problem side, it has Slow Attack, meaning that it can't move and attack on the same turn. On the advantage side, it has 130 hit points and is Fearless, so even if your enemies hit it with everything they have, slashing it into pieces is going to take a while. The release of this figure should present some interesting choices for Chaotic Evil.

Now that you've seen the blue, gold, and off-white, come back next week for "Good Guys Wear Black."

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Rob Heinsoo started playing D&D with the original brown box in 1975. He's now the lead designer of D&D Miniatures.

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