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Blessed Curse
Angelfire Preview 5

I feel bad about postponing the Mages preview again. It's my fault: I didn't turn the article over in time to get it prepped for this week. To make up for the delay, here are two new, large uncommon minis: furred "victims" of the curse of lycanthropy.




Yes, we did a werebear once before, back in Dragoneye, but that creature was a medium "Dwarven Werebear," not precisely the way we wanted to show off the hybrid creature's power. Our new werebear has no such problems; he's a glowering column of furred muscle.

It may be D&D heresy, but I have no personal attachment to the idea that all werebears are Lawful Good. The PCs in my campaign have already had to deal with a werebear ambushing them from the concealment of a magically shifting thicket.


In skirmish play, all werebears are Lawful Good. He has DR 5, Melee Reach 2, and two melee attacks, one at +13 and one at +9, for 15 and 10 damage, respectively. With nary a trace of Difficulty or any other disability that would make him hard to control, he's an ineteresting choice for LG warbands searching for melee combat options.



The Weretiger is one of my favorite sculpts in the set. The pose says "approach at your own risk" while capturing the Weretiger's agility. The paint job nails tiger markings splendidly, something that's not as easy to accomplish as it might seem.

Not all of the players in my D&D group read these columns. The one or two who do can consider themselves warned that weretigers will soon be hunting in packs.


The Weretiger fights for Chaotic Good. For a large creature, it's hella-quick, with an 8 Speed. At first glance its two attacks for 10 damage might not look like much, but consider the following special ability: Hunter +5 (Melee damage +5 unless more than 1 enemy is adjacent). The Weretiger maneuvers around the battlefield, picking off the weak and the solitary.

That's it for this week. I should get out of the habit of making promises about next week, but I believe Mages will be ready.

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Rob Heinsoo started playing D&D with the original brown box in 1975. He's now the lead designer of D&D Miniatures.

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