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War of the Dragon Queen Preview X
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War of the Dragon Queen Pictures Leaked!

Gnomes Implicated

Images of miniatures from the upcoming War of the Dragon Queen D&D Miniatures expansion have appeared online. Investigation of this occurrence points to the involvement of gnomes, who may have posted the pictures in protest of their exclusion from recent D&D Miniatures expansions and their being ridiculed on April 1. A message, scrawled in what looked like blood but turned out to be cherry-flavored mushroom paste, stated “Gnomes are a CORE race, and should be in a STARTER set.” Another partially-eaten message appeared to denounce all “miniatures of larger size." Which, as it turns out, is almost all other miniatures.

The leader of the gnomish group, who goes only by the letter K, declined requests for an interview. In the meantime, Wizards of the Coast, producers of the D&D Miniatures Game, have barred gnomes from the War of the Dragon Queen set until the investigation is completed.

In order to provide fans of D&D Miniatures with more accurate depictions of the miniatures than the leaked images, Wizards of the Coast will reveal images of those miniatures at a rate of one per weekday, gradually replacing the silhouettes shown here.

Take that, K!

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