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Puzzling Plastic
Confused by Devis

No doubt about it -- you're in trouble. At the beginning of the game, Devis cast confusion on an illegal target -- you! Fifteen rounds pass before you shake off the effect of the spell. As your head clears, you look down at the Fane of Lolth map to see an uphill battle. You have a mere 69 victory points compared to your opponent's whopping 190. As you and your opponent roll initiative, time is called, and you start the final round of the game.

You lose initiative, and your opponent chooses to go first. She activates every creature in her warband using the Moon Elf Fighter's commander effect. By the end of her phase, your opponent has three figures in her victory area. This will award her 10 victory points at the end of the round unless you can either win the game or eliminate those figures.

Positions at start of your turn

Your Warband

Succubus (A4): 40 pts; Lvl 6; Spd F8; AC 20; HP 35; Melee +7 (5); Flight; Beguile , Disguise Self (still Invisible); DR 5; Immune Electricity, Poison; Spell Resistance; Spells: 4th--dimension door; 2nd--beckon
Orc Champion (C11): 39 pts; Lvl 7; Spd 9; AC 15; HP 80 35; Melee +13/+8 (25 magic) +11/+6 (20 magic); Cleave
Ogre Ravager (G3): (38 pts; Lvl 9; Spd 6; AC 17; HP 80 5; Melee +10/+5 (30); Aura of Fear 2; Melee Reach 2; Resist Fire 10; Smite +10 ; under dolorous blow spell effect
Orc Wizard (C6): (24 pts; Lvl 7; Spd 6; AC 14; HP 35; Melee +5 (10 magic); Spells: 4th--empowered fireburst; 3rd--dolorous blow; 2nd--battering ram
Cursed Spirit (A1): 11 pts; Lvl 3; Spd F6; AC 13; HP 20 10; Melee +8 (5 magic); Incorporeal; Curse Aura; Flight
Abyssal Maw (I1): 5 pts; Lvl 2; Spd 6; AC 15; HP 10; Melee +5 (15); Difficult 2; Immune Electricity, Poison; Resist 10 Acid, Cold, Fire
Orc Warrior (E1): 3 pts; Lvl 1; Spd 6; AC 13; HP 5; Melee +4 (10)

Your Demonic Gnoll Archer commander has previously routed off the map, awarding your opponent 40 victory points.

Warband Generator code: ,200,Opponent's Band,2,8,8,536,288,159,27,208,149,19,421,0,1

Opposing Warband

Wemic Barbarian (B12): 53 pts; Lvl 8; Spd 10; AC 17; HP 85; Melee +16/+11 +17/+12 (25); Bravado; Ignore DR, Conceal 6; now Fearless
Frenzied Berserker (F3): 52 pts; Lvl 8; Spd 8; AC 10; HP 90 10; Melee +14/+9 (30 magic); Aura of Fear 2; Burnout; Death Strike; Fearless; Conceal 6
Moon Elf Fighter (G12): 49 pts; Commander 5; Lvl 9; Spd 9; AC 22; HP 65; Melee +15/+10 (10 magic); Commander Effect: Followers that start their turns within 6 squares of this commander gain Tactics
Nebin, Gnome Illusionist (F12): 18 pts; Lvl 4; Spd 4; AC 15; HP 20; Melee +2 (5); Unique; Spells: 1st--color spray, magic weapon; 2nd--blur, Melf's acid arrow
Aramil, Adventurer (E12): 13 pts; Lvl 3; Spd 6; AC 13; HP 20; Melee +1 (5); Ranged: +5 (5); Unique; Sorcerer Spells: 1st--mage armor, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement
Devis, Half-Elf Bard (I11): 6 pts; Lvl 3; Spd 6; AC 16; HP 15; Melee +3 (5); Unique; Countersong; Spells: 1st--cure light wounds, lesser confusion

Your opponent's Mialee, Elf Wizard and Xeph Warrior have previously been destroyed, awarding you 9 victory points.

Warband Generator code: ,200,Opponent's Band,2,8,8,536,288,159,27,208,149,19,421,0,1

Just before your first activation, a mysterious man with striking blue eyes replaces all the dice on the table with a single, glowing d20. This Blessed Die of Pholtus has only one power -- whenever it is rolled, the result is always 9.

Can you complete your seven activations and find a way to win the game? Here's one possible solution --.

You can also download both the puzzle and the solution in PDF format.

If you got the solution, or if you can't figure it out, you can discuss the puzzle on the D&D Miniatures forum.

About the Author

Peter Lee lives in Madison, Wisconsin, and has several ranks in Profession (Computer Programmer). He recently painted the trophies awarded at the Constructed and Sealed Championships for D&D Miniatures.

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