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Puzzling Plastic
A Paralyzed Party

Once again, you find yourself in a puzzling predicament. Your Lawful Good monk band has met a rogue Chaotic Evil band on the Field of Ruin. The game has gone on for a while without much conflict -- your opponent has collected 120 victory points but has been unable to destroy any of your figures. You destroyed the opponent's Howler, but the combat resulted in the Lich Necromancer paralyzing two of your key figures -- the Young Master and the Justice Archon. Fortunately, the placement of the paralyzed Young Master still awarded you 10 victory points at the end of last round.

The round began with your opponent winning initiative and choosing to move first. His incited Mad Slashers based both of your paralyzed figures. In your phase, you activated your two paralyzed figures but unfortunately failed both saves. Your opponent finished activating the rest of his warband and attacked your helpless creatures -- the Young Master and Justice Archon face certain death with only 5 remaining hit points each!

Positions at start

Your Warband

Slayer of Domiel Slayer of Domiel (D2): 46 pts; Humanoid (Human); LVL 12; SPD 6; AC 20; HP 65; Melee: +10/+10 (10 magic/5 magic); Conceal 6; Evade Damage; Evil Foe (Damage +5 against evil enemies); Hide; Marked Target (The first enemy this creature destroys is worth double victory points); Melee Sneak Attack +10
Young Master Young Master (H10): 44 pts; Humanoid (Human); Commander 3; LVL 8 6; SPD 10; AC 21; HP 55 5; Melee: +8/+8 +6/+6 (10 magic); Deflect Arrows; Evade Damage; Mobility; Save +4; Stunning Attack DC 17; Wholeness of Body ; Commander Effect: Followers gain attack +4 and damage +10 when using Stunning Attack; (ACTIVATED, PARALYZED DC 17)
Justice Archon Justice Archon (H11): 32 pts; Outsider; LVL 6; SPD F6; AC 19; HP 65 5; Melee: +10/+5 (10 + or Justice Strike); Flight; Bold; DR 5; Immune Electricity; Justice Strike; (ACTIVATED, PARALYZED DC 17)
Githzerai Monk Githzerai Monk (A7): 34 pts; Outsider; LVL 9; SPD 10; AC 25; HP 55; Melee: +9/+9 (10 magic); Stunning Attack DC 18; Unavoidable Strike
Ember, Human Monk Ember, Human Monk (A10): 18 pts; Humanoid (Human); LVL 6; SPD 10; AC 20; HP 35; Melee Attack: +7/+7 (5 magic); Unique; Deflect Arrows; Mobility; Save +4; Stunning Attack DC 15
Aramil, Adventurer Aramil, Adventurer (L5): 13 pts; Humanoid (Elf); LVL 3; SPD 6; AC 13; HP 20; Melee: +1 (5); Ranged: +5 (5); Unique; Sorcerer Spells: 1st --mage armor (self; +4 AC), magic missile (sight; 5 damage), ray of enfeeblement (range 6; attack -2, damage -5)
Standardbearer Standardbearer (C4): 10 pts; Humanoid (Human); LVL 3; SPD 4; AC 17; HP 20; Melee: +4 (5); Countersong; Relay Orders; Save +4; Spells 1st--cure light wounds (touch; heal 5 hp)
Man-at-Arms Man-at-Arms (G12): 3 pts; Humanoid (Human); LVL 1; SPD 4; AC 19; HP 5; Melee: +3 (5)

Warband Generator Code: ,200,Your Warband,0,8,8,9,202,208,3,396,455,207,463,0,5

Opposing Warband

Warduke Warduke (H12): 70 pts; Humanoid (Human); LVL 10; SPD 6; AC 17; HP: 130 65; Melee: +17/+12 (10 magic + 5 fire); Unique; Independent; Blindsight; Cleave; Intimidate (Replaces attacks: range 6; target creature makes a morale save); Methodical Killer +10; Spell Resistance; (ACTIVATED)
Lich Necromancer Lich Necromancer (G9): 64 pts; Undead; Commander 2; LVL 11; SPD 6; AC 19; HP: 75 35; Melee: +10 (10 + Paralysis DC 16); DR 5; Aura of Fear 2; Immune Cold, Electricity; Commander Effect: Whenever a living enemy is destroyed, replace it with an Undead creature under your control with cost 5 or less. Spells 2nd--command undead (range 6; take control of enemy Undead creature; DC 14); 3rd--empowered magic missile (sight; 15 damage); 5th--hold monster (sight; Paralysis; DC 17); (ACTIVATED)
Mad Slasher Mad Slasher (G11): 9 pts; Aberration; LVL 4; SPD 8; AC 15; HP 25 10; Melee: +6 (5); Incited; Whirlwind Attack; (ACTIVATED)
Mad Slasher Mad Slasher (I11): 9 pts; Aberration; LVL 4; SPD 8; AC 15; HP 25 10; Melee: +6 (5); Incited; Whirlwind Attack; (ACTIVATED)

You have previously destroyed your opponent's Howler with the Young Master, awarding you 46 Victory Points.

Warband Generator Code: ,200,Opponent's Warband,8,8,5,325,325,685,252,571,0,10

Once again, the gods of Arcadia shine on you. The Blessed Die of Pholtus allows you to elude chance -- for this game, every die roll that either you or your opponent attempt results in a 6. Assume that you win any tied initiative rolls.

Your opponent will do his best to win. He will take all attacks of opportunity and chances to Cleave. He has an unlimited supply of Orc Skeletons (5 pts; Undead; LVL 1; SPD 6; AC 14; HP 5; Melee: +3 (10); Fearless; Immune Cold) for use with the Lich Necromancer's commander effect.

You have only 56 Victory points compared to your opponent's 120. It appears that your opponent will win initiative next round, and he will choose to activate first. A single Whirlwind Attack from just one Mad Slasher will kill both the Young Master and Justice Archon. If your opponent collects 10 victory points at the end of the round and destroys the two paralyzed creatures, he will win with 206 points. Can you stop him and win the game?

You might find the puzzle easier to work on if you download and print the PDF.

You can read our solution here -- but not until July 28! You have two days to work on it before all the spoilers appear. In the meantime, if you found the solution or if you can't figure it out, you can discuss the puzzle on the D&D Miniatures forum.

About the Author

Peter Lee is a Wizards of the Coast Delegate and lives in Madison, Wisconsin. He is currently hard at work painting the trophies to be awarded at the D&D Miniatures Constructed Championships at Gen Con Indy 2007 in Indianapolis, IN.

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