D&D Miniatures Tournaments07/16/2004

2004 Championship Invitation List

Entry into the D&D Miniatures Championship is by invitation only. The invitation list is compiled by the following criteria:

  • Top 4 finishers from each D&D Miniatures 2004 Championship Series Qualifier
  • Top 16 finishers in the D&D Miniatures Championship Series Open (details below)
  • Top 25 D&D Miniatures worldwide DCI rated players not currently invited, announced six weeks before the Championship

D&D Miniatures Championship Open
On Friday August 20th at Gen Con Indy, Wizards of the Coast will host the final chance for you to win an invitation to the Championship: the D&D Miniatures Championship Series Open.

Friday, August 20st, 2004
Registration: 9:00 A.M. (Tournament start at 10:00 A.M.)

Gen Con Indy Miniatures Hall
Indiana Convention Center
100 South Capitol Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 56225

This Triad Constructed tournament is open to all players who do not hold an invitation to the Championship, and will offer invitations to the top 16 finishers to the D&D Miniatures Championship the next day.

Player Invitations
The following list is a roster of invited players.

Name Origin Date
Stuart Acosta Ratings 7/7/2004
Bradly Anderson Ratings 7/7/2004
Jhon Barrera Ratings 7/7/2004
Jairo Betancourt Ratings 7/7/2004
Sean Blacketer Shawnee Mission 5/8/2004
Jason Bulmahn Germantown 5/23/2004
Eduardo Castaño Ratings 7/7/2004
John Corbett Ratings 7/7/2004
Jesse Dean Gainsville 6/6/2004
Michael Derry Burlingame 5/30/2004
Tim Dodge Shawnee Mission 5/8/2004
Mike Dougan Shawnee Mission 5/8/2004
Mark Eades Ratings 7/7/2004
Patrick Ellis Milford 6/19/2004
Brian Gillette Ratings 7/7/2004
Brayden Glad Ratings 7/7/2004
David Gloss Gainsville 6/6/2004
Harry Gloss Milford 6/19/2004
Matthew Grant Columbus 6/26/2004
Robert Hatch Burlingame 5/30/2004
Paul Heaver Atlantic Heights 5/1/2004
James Hilgendorf Germantown 5/23/2004
Tobias Janes Ratings 7/7/2004
Steven Jarvis W Valley City 6/12/2004
Theo Judd Columbus 6/26/2004
Michael Keogh Atlantic Heights 5/1/2004
Tamiz Khan Burlingame 5/30/2004
Tamiz Khan Costa Mesa 6/12/2004
Jesse Kindwall Columbus 6/26/2004
Darryl Lagree Gainsville 6/6/2004
Jason Lioi Costa Mesa 6/12/2004
Brian Mackey Atlantic Heights 5/1/2004
David Mahecha Ratings 7/7/2004
Greg Marks Ratings 7/7/2004
Shawn Mcbride Costa Mesa 6/12/2004
Joshua Molter Ratings 7/7/2004
Jason Myatt Germantown 5/23/2004
Jason Myatt Chicago 6/12/2004
Jason Myatt Columbus 6/26/2004
Sven Myrin Burlingame 5/30/2004
Sebastian Narvaez Ratings 7/7/2004
Gary Nibert Shawnee Mission 5/8/2004
Manuel Nielsen W Valley City 6/12/2004
Brian Nowak Chicago 6/12/2004
Michael Peterson Ratings 7/7/2004
Christopher Pockett Ratings 7/7/2004
James Prather Ratings 7/7/2004
Tyler Rasmussen W Valley City 6/12/2004
Douglas Romero Ratings 7/7/2004
Juan José Romero Ratings 7/7/2004
Vincent Roybal Ratings 7/7/2004
Fernando Salamanca Ratings 7/7/2004
Jeff Santiago Atlantic Heights 5/1/2004
Brad Shugg Chicago 6/12/2004
John Siadak Chicago 6/12/2004
Dwayne Stupack Costa Mesa 6/12/2004
Johathan Valencia Ratings 7/7/2004
Mark Vanscoyk W Valley City 6/12/2004
Josh Viessman Gainsville 6/6/2004
Rob Walker Ratings 7/7/2004
David Weinberg Ratings 7/7/2004
David Weiss Germantown 5/23/2004
Dan Westenberger Milford 6/19/2004
Eric Witman Milford 6/19/2004
Carlos Augusto Zuleta Zapata Ratings 7/7/2004

More Information
Visit the Championship Fact Sheet or contacts Wizards of the Coast at (800) 324-6496, or send email to custserv@wizards.com.

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