D&D Miniatures Tournaments07/27/2007

Important Announcement
Change to Schedule Times for Star Wars and D&D Miniatures Seminars

Important Announcement:

Wizards of the Coast announces change to schedule times for Star Wars and D&D Miniatures Seminars at Gen Con 2007

Because of possible conflicts, Wizards of the Coast is announcing a change to the seminar schedule for Gen Con 2007.

The changes affect only the D&D Miniatures seminar originally scheduled for Friday and the Star Wars Miniatures seminar originally scheduled for Saturday.

Please note the following new times:


10-12 Noon

Star Wars Miniatures and Roleplaying Game Seminar

Want to find out what's on the horizon for your favorite Star Wars gaming products? Join members of WotC's R&D department (and perhaps a surprise guest from Lucasfilm Licensing) to discuss upcoming releases and continue the 30th anniversary celebration.


10-12 Noon

D&D Miniatures Seminar

Whether you play the head-to-head tactics game or use your minis for D&D roleplaying, this seminar features information and sneak peeks of new releases, discusses tips and strategies for competitive play, explores new roleplaying ideas, and provides a forum for interacting with the D&D Miniatures Design Team.

See you At Gen Con!

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