D&D Miniatures Tournaments08/02/2007

Constructed Championship Trophies
2007 D&D Miniatures Championship Series

Skirmishers attending Gen Con Indy this August for the 2007 D&D Miniatures Championship Series will meet in battle for a horde of prizes including some dazzling trophies. Here's your first peek at them. If you play to win -- bring an extra suitcase and some padding! If not, you can still dream.

Armed only with pigment and sculpting putty, Peter Lee worked his magic to produce these eye-popping beauties. The top four finishers in the D&D Miniatures Constructed Championship receive beautifully painted and modified D&D figures. Each trophy comes equipped with a stat card and all the prestige due a champion. The final qualifying events for the Championship series occur at Gencon Indy, so you still have a shot at joining the action.

That's enough chin music. Press your eyeballs up against the screen and bask in the majesty of these showpieces.

First Place -- Icingdeath!

Second Place -- Frost Giant Jarl!

Third and Fourth Places -- Clawborn Scorrows!

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