Races of the Dragon -- Part 4
January 2006

This month in our free weekly Dungeons & Dragons map feature, we provide maps from Races of the Dragon, a supplement that details provides players and DMs with some information and options about several new and existing draconic races. Take a look at some of the maps included in this book and see if they're of use to you in your game.

Cartography by Mike Schley

01/24 Shrine of Io: This map depicts a shrine to Io that has been founded in the petrified ribcage of an unbelievably ancient gold dragon's corpse. When the end finally came for that great dragon, its bones literally became part of the landscape. Now itinerant dragons and their kin stop to pay respects to Io and to leave a small contribution to the shrine. Download 150dpi JPG
Download 72dpi JPG
01/17 Temple of Kurtulmak: This map depicts a series of overlapping tunnels (on different levels of elevation) that eventually lead to the temple of Kurtulmak. At the end of the hallway leading into the temple is a statue of Kurtulmak himself. Download 150dpi JPG
Download 72dpi JPG
01/10 Iejirokarthel: This map depicts a cross-section of a kobold lair and mine, divided into three sections: "Defense Front," "Residential Ring," and "Staging Platform." Download 150dpi JPG
Download 72dpi JPG
01/10 Fortified Dragonborn Encampment: A ditch surrounds a wall created by a wall of stone spell, so it's perfectly smooth and square. Inside the ditch are sharpened stakes to deter land-based attackers. Inside the wall are a few tents. Download 150dpi JPG
Download 72dpi JPG
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