Complete Psionic -- Part 4
February 2006

Complete Psionic provides both players and Dungeon Masters with more psionic tools and options. Included in this tome are three maps, and we'll reveal a new one each week, plus a fourth map from another source to round out the month.

Cartography by Kyle Hunter

04/26 Enclave: Need an enclosed enclave for your game? This map may serve just such a purpose. Download 300dpi JPG
Download 150dpi JPG
Download 72dpi JPG
04/19 Crystal Node: This is a map of a multi-level cavern containing a crystal node. The earth gives up its secrets guardedly, or not at all. Some believe that the veins of mineral running through the miles of strata below are manifestations of the earth's blood. If so, the veins of pure mineral are the world's nerves -- nerves that are part of a planetary consciousness that ticks over one thought an epoch. In rare instances, intersections of pure crystal veins create a crystal node within a cavernous grotto. These nodes are lit with the slow trickle of psionic power swirling through the earth itself in unknowable telluric currents. Such grottos are called crystal nodes. Download 72dpi JPG
04/12 The Lodge Luminous: This map shows a sample stone lodge for members of the Lodge Luminous. The Lodge Luminous believes in the Psychic Sun, a manifestation of the psionic power within everyone. Download 72dpi JPG
04/05 Psigate: This is a map for the Psigate psionic location. A welter of ancient corridors in a ruin gives way to a clear space, contained within a circle of weathered obelisks. Some obelisks stand upright, some are partially broken or leaning, and some are completely fallen over. At one time, arches connected every standing stone in a great circle, but time has toppled all but one arch. Three clear crystals remain set in the span of the remaining stone arch. Download 72dpi JPG
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