Player's Handbook II -- Part 1
May 2006

Maps from two different sources may give you just what you need for your next game. The two maps you'll find from Player's Handbook II focus on the topic of rebuilding your character, but you certainly can add your own use for these locations. Additionally, we have two of the maps from Against the Giants to show you, plus an untagged map that may be useful.

Cartography by Robert Lazzaretti and Mike Schley

05/30 Area Map: Are these ruins? Or do people still live in the area? Or has the area become the home to some terrible force? Take a look at the map and decide for yourself! Download 72dpi JPG
05/23 Hill Giant Stronghold - Dungeon Level: Below the main level of the hill giant stronghold is the dungeon. Download 72dpi JPG
05/16 Hill Giant Stronghold - Upper Level: This floorplan can serve you as originally intended, or you could make it over into a residence for a noble in your campaign. Just keep in mind the scale. Download 72dpi JPG
05/09 The Necrotic Cradle: This location, as described in the text, is helpful for rebuilding characters who have necromantic tendencies, as well as some other options. However, you can use this site in a more ominous manner. Download 72dpi JPG
05/02 Gates of Dawn: The Player's Handbook II describes this location as one that allows players to rebuild divine or fey characters, among others.Feel free to use it as you wish, though. Download 72dpi JPG
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