Fiendish Codex I and Against the Giants
June 2006

Have some fun with maps from two different sources in this month's Map-a-Week feature. The maps you'll find from Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss provide you with a glimpse of demonic locations. As with last month, we also have two of the maps from Against the Giants.

Cartography by Jason A. Engle, Kyle Hunter, and Robert Lazzaretti

06/27 Frost Giant Stronghold - Lower Level: This floorplan can serve you as originally intended, or you could make it over into a residence for a noble in your campaign. Just keep in mind the scale. Download 72dpi JPG
06/20 Frost Giant Stronghold - Upper Level: As if one level isn't enough, you have another one if you wish. Perhaps those former adventurers are having problems with creatures from the lower levels? Download 72dpi JPG
06/13 Shendilavri: This romantic coastline may provide you with the perfect setting for a bit of adventure -- where demons lurk unnoticed until hearty adventurers come along. Download 72dpi JPG
06/06 The Demonweb: Ah, the infamous Demonweb of the spider goddess Lolth. The demonweb consists of marble walkways surrounded by a tube of sticky spiderwebs. Here and there, the web has absorbed sites from other planes, and several doors lead from the walls of the Demonweb to alternate Material Plane worlds. The space beyond the Demonweb pathways is a churning grayish maelstrom. Download 72dpi JPG
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